Torna un po’ di musica italiana su Instagram: Meta sta reintegrando il catalogo Soundreef thumbnail

Some Italian music is back on Instagram: Meta is reintegrating Soundreef songs

New episode of the sad soap opera that has as protagonists Meta e SIAE. After the lack of agreement between the parties (we talked about it in depth here), Meta had removed all Italian music from its Facebook and Instagram libraries, even the one managed by Soundreefthe main competitor of SIAE in Italy.

To be precise, for a few days, Meta had removed the entire global music catalog for all Italian users of its social networks. At the basis of this drastic maneuver there would be the giant’s inability to distinguish in an automated way the catalog to which the individual songs belong. All were then removed and, after appropriate checks, those not belonging to the SIAE catalog were reinstated.

An absolutely slow and sip process and today, after 12 days, some Italian music is starting to return to Facebook and Instagram. We are obviously talking about the Italian music managed by Soundreef. Davide d’Atri, founder of Soundreef, told La Repubblica:

“Nobody liked Meta’s decision, not even us, but they made themselves available and we talked to re-establish our catalog”

The Soundreef catalog includes both names from the “youth” and rap scene (such as Rkomi, Ernia, Sfera Ebbasta, Gué, Marracash), and artists belonging to the classic Italian melodic tradition (Gigi D’Alessio, Laura Pausini, Enrico Ruggieri, the Poohs). The company also manages copyrights for some works by J-Ax, Ultimo, Briga, Mario Venuti and Paola Turci. In short, an important catalogue, which seems ready to return to social networks in these hours.

Now all the rest is missing.

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