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Tineco Floor One S5: the three main features

On the occasion of the spring cleaning season, Tineco enhances Floor One S5, with the three features that make it special

The Tineco Floor One S5 is a stick vacuum cleaner designed for the cleaning Of hard floors such as wood, tile and laminate. Equipped with a powerful 2500mAh lithium battery, the vacuum cleaner offers up to 25 minutes of runtime on a single charge, allowing you to clean large surfaces without interruption. In this article, in celebration of the spring cleaning season, Tineco he wants to exalt the three main features of this amazing device.

Tineco Floor One S5: the three main features

Fresh Water Cleaning System | Tineco Floor One S5

Have you ever thought that the floor is difficult to clean? Mop or wash the floor with a dirty head it has always been a problem. You can’t think of washing the floor even if it’s dirty and dedicating so much time to it. Tineco has equipped FLOOR ONE S5 of a powerful freshwater cleaning system, which uses four sequential stages that continue as the user clean up e lava the floor. The flat scraper cleans dirt from the roller brush more effectively, while the comb scraper causes il 50% more dirt residues.

Self-cleaning and unbeatable drying | Tineco Floor One S5

The final stage is the process of self-cleaning. Don’t let anyone destroy your perfect work with this last step. The head of the FLOOR ONE S5 undergoes a centrifugal drying action during the self-cleaning process. The brush roll gets really clean, eliminating residues and unpleasant smells. We do not recommend using hot air to blow the brush after the self-cleaning process. According to a study by Zwitching et al. (1994), bacteria increase their growth rate as the temperature in a stationary space increases, so hot air blowing on the brush creates a ideal environment for their proliferation. The heat will only cause bacteria to grow and fill an entire room with their unpleasant smell.

Tineco Floor One S5: the three main features

Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor | Tineco Floor One S5

What do you think of large water tanks? As a professional brand and leader in floor care, we say that not everything that is great is improve. A good helper will be to automatically adjust the suction power according to the detected dirt, improving cleaning efficiency and extending runtime by up to 400%, just like it did FLOOR ONE S5. This results in a vacuum cleaner that effectively cleans up to 130 m² with a single charge, from the ceiling to the floor, thanks to the versatile accessories.

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