Somfy, give a smart and green home

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Do you want to give a useful, intelligent and sustainable gift? Somfy has the perfect solution for you

Its wide range of smart home products, from thermostats to home automation units and connected alarm systems, allows you to make your loved ones’ homes more comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Somfy, give a smart and green home

IO thermostatic valve: comfort and energy saving

When temperatures drop, to enjoy tailor-made comfort IO thermostatic valve by Somfy (price starting from €101) allows you to check the radiators individually of every room in the house by regulating the degrees based on the use of each individual room and therefore guaranteeing exceptional energy performance.

The temperature can be managed in smart mode via the Somfy TaHoma Switch home automation system or via smartphone with the dedicated App or even manually, as with a traditional valve.

Tahoma Switch (price starting from €199) is the intelligent centralized control by Somfy for the home to connect various devices wirelessly, it is compatible with the most popular voice assistants, with over 300 Somfy brand products and solutions from other partners such as Velux, Atlantic, Philips, Schneider.

Somfy Tahoma: smart, green and safe

Thanks to Tahomaconnected to smart thermostats, is possible govern energy consumption in a personalized way, for example by lowering the temperature when the house is empty and heating the rooms before returning.

Very useful remote control via App from a mobile phone which allows modifications “on the go” for dynamic and flexible management with respect to changes in weather conditions and timetables, for example, upon an early return from the office we will find a warm and welcoming environment.

Somfy, give a smart and green home

Home Alarm Essential Starter Pack: the complete and effective security solution in all circumstances.

Home Alarm Essential Starter Pack at the price a starting from €449 is the Somfy home anti-theft device, designed to ensure reliable security and which adapts to the daily routine and activities of every family.

Il Somfy deterrent system activates before the intrusion occurs thanks to the patented IntelliTAG vibration and opening sensors. In case of detection, the sirens emit loud signals and the shutters, connected RTS or io, homecontrol, close while an alert arrives in real time on the smartphone.

The alarm turns on and off in 3 different ways: via the internal keypad with a code, with the remote control badge which has automatic user recognition, or via the Somfy Protect app.

In the event of a power failure, the house remains protected for 14 days with a battery that allows the alarm to remain operational.
For Somfy, security is an integral part of the products it offers, for example, TaHoma Switch has been classified “IoT Security Rating” by UL agency (world leader in tests, inspections and security checks) for personal data security.

The Somfy intelligent control meets essential cybersecurity requirements such as updates and secure connections, security of stored and transmitted data, as well as maximum security for mobile applications. The web interface and iOS and Android applications, which control home devices, are subject to the same standards.

With TaHoma Switch, Somfy is the first home automation company to achieve this rating.

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