Sonic Frontiers: SEGA stima dalle 20 alle 30 ore per completarlo

Sonic Frontiers: a leak announces a possible release date

Summer is also full of leaks regarding video games and, among these, Sonic Frontiers could not miss, whose release date seems to be very close

In recent months, video game fans, including Sega loyalists, have been waiting spasmodically for the release date of the new chapter of the most famous blue hedgehog ever. Well, it looks like Sonic Frontiers may be out soonindeed very shortly, but let’s try to understand the story a little better!

Sonic Frontiers: An Accidental Revelation?

In the last months Sega highlighted how the work on the last chapter of its most famous mascot should not be delayed, but this still left the players with a certain amount of skepticism. Skepticism that now the user Nibelalready seen several times, he proceeded to escape into a tweet that we leave you below.

Nibel has in fact noticed how, recently, Sega has loaded a new spot in Japan to promote Sonic Frontiers. The problem is that this spot seems to have mentioned the release date of this new open world, that is theNovember 8. What is certain, however, is that the title will be present in the catalogs of PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S,  Xbox One, Nintendo Switch e PC.

In addition to this “gaffe” we remind you that further news concerning the highly anticipated title should arrive later today on the occasion of the Gamescom Opening Night Live, if we are lucky there could also be an official confirmation, where it is already possible physically play the title in preview between 24 and 28 August.

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