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Sonic Frontiers Demo Available on Nintendo Switch!

The Sonic Frontiers demo is available today on Nintendo Switch! Let’s find out all the details in this news dedicated to the most famous hedgehog in the world of video games

A somewhat abnormal maneuver, the one implemented by SEGA but which, especially on the hybrid console of the Grande N, has been tested several times. We are referring to the possibility of making available a demo of a title, in this case the latest effort dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog: Sonic Frontiersare Nintendo Switch at about now two months after release on the market.

Sonic Frontiers: the details related to the demo on Nintendo Switch

As mentioned a few lines above, Sonic Frontiers demo is available on Nintendo Switch today January 7th. The demo will go to occupy 2.9 GB of your memory. It will be made available to players and all who download it first play areain which you will be able to familiarize yourself with the gameplay mechanics of the title: fighting and exploration above all, thus also offering a general overview of the technical sector of Sonic Frontier, thus giving the possibility of weighing up the possible purchase or less.

Sonic Frontiers Demo Available on Nintendo Switch!

The decision to make the Sonic Frontiers demo available today, two months after its release, can be interpreted in different ways. Despite a good number of sales (also thanks to numerous offers starting practically a week from day one) the title seems did not convince just everyone. Is it a way to further expand your sales potential? Surely. We look forward to further news.

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