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Sonic Spinballs approda su Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo is about to add Sonic Spinballs to the Sega Genesis library in the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack. It is a game much loved by fans of the Sonic franchise, but forgotten in the folds of time and remembered only by the most hardcore band of fans, which is why these users are very happy with the upcoming news.

Sonic Spinballs arriva su Nintendo Switch Online

Released in 1993 on Sega Genesis, Sonic Spinball is a Sonic themed platform pinball machine. Our blue hedgehog becomes a real pinball ball and the game boasts some very complicated controls, the platforming can be a lot of confusion and the framerate had big hiccups. That said, the game is very popular and is considered a classic by many users.

Sonic Spinball essentially features traditional pinball themed levels, the first of these being Spring Yard Zone, the latter already seen in Sonic the Hedgehog. The game features four large pinball tables: the first set in the sewers, the second in a geothermal power plant, the third in a Badnik factory, and the last in a springboard system. The player must guide Sonic in each of the four levels, collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and battling Dr. Robotnik.

For those unfamiliar with Sonic, Nintendo is also releasing the Shining Force II tactical RPG and the Space Harrier II rail shooter. These new additions bring the total number of Genesis games available on the Premium Expansion Pack service to 25 and are available today for Expansion Pack members.

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