Netflix cancels various projects in development after the drop in subscribers

Netflix cancella diversi progetti dopo il recente calo di abbonati thumbnail

During first quarter of 2022as announced in recent days, Netflix recorded a reduction in the number of subscriptions of about 200 thousand units. This is a very small number considering the more than 200 million subscribers to the service but which caused a collapse in the value of the company’s shares. For the first time, in fact, Netflix recorded a decline in the number of subscribers compared to the previous quarter. Among the consequences of this decline are a number of cancellations of projects already started.

Netflix cancels several projects after the drop in subscribers

According to the first information that emerged in these hours, Netflix would have canceled several projects in development after the decline in subscribers in the first quarter. This is a first step in a new, more complex strategy. Netflix, for the future, aims to produce “what viewers want to see” by concentrating investments on products capable of guaranteeing a growth in the service that has to deal with fierce competition.

News coming to the platform

The cancellation of projects in development is only one of the consequences of the decline in subscribers recorded by Netflix. For the future, in fact, there will be several news. Netflix intends update and improve the category system, to make it easier for users to find new content to watch. At the same time, the question of the sharing of subscriptions, which will be limited and paid for. There is also the possibility of a further one increase in the cost of the service.

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