Sons Of The Forest: release date announced

With a gameplay trailer released recently, Endnight Games has finally revealed the release date of Sons Of The Forest, the sequel to that The Forest that in 2014 made many players passionate about survival horror

For those who remember which were the most important games of 2014, they will surely remember that bolt from the blue that was The Forest. Released in early access in 2014 (the final version will be released 4 years later in 2018), the game presented itself as one of the very first open world survival horror games, and kicked off a phenomenon that prompted many developers to launch into this genre . After the announcement of the sequel occurred in 2019, the development team Endnight Games has, via a recently released gameplay trailer, announced the release date of Sons Of The Forest.

Sons Of The Forest: what we see in the trailer and what is the release date

In the video in question published on the channels of IGN we can see various excerpts of gameplay: in addition to retracing the key elements of the title, that is survival and horror atmosphere (with increasingly terrifying monsters), we can also see some interesting scenes, such as the one where we see two or more humans collaborating together (which, hopefully, could confirm the return of the coop). Towards the end also, we see what appears to be one cutscene, which may suggest a more active main story narrative than the predecessor.

At the end of the video, we see that the release date is scheduled for May 20, 2022, for PC only. Although the release date is therefore not around the corner, we still don’t have many months to wait. On a possible console version Unfortunately nothing is known yet, and therefore we just have to wait.

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