Sony A1: announced the new full frame mirrorless

Sony A1: annunciata la nuova mirrorless full frame

Sony has officially announced the great anticipation of 2021, Sony A1, full frame mirrorless that offers many features, such as 50 MP and 8k video

Sony has announced a new full frame mirrorless, Sony A1, a machine much awaited by those who, always Sony users, expected a novelty in 2021 regarding the full frame world.

Sony A1: the characteristics of the new full frame mirrorless

There are many features and innovations within this new full frame mirrorless and concern both the world of photography and that of filming and videomaking.

The new stacked sensor is a layered sensor that allows a resolution of 50 MP at 30 fps because it consists of two layers, one for the pixels and one for the image processor.

  • New Bionz XR (8x faster)

The new sensor is joined by two new Bionz XR processors that can therefore process very heavy images, with greater speed, being in pairs.

  • Burst of 30 fps at full resolution

One of the great potentials, a consequence of the new sensor and the two processors, is the possibility of making a burst of 30 fps at full resolution that can capture up to 155 compressed RAWs or 165 JPEGs. To the RAW file there is the possibility of also having a lossless compression.

  • New shutter that reduces distortion

Zero Distorsion is the new very silent electronic shutter that therefore minimizes image distortion both in indoor situations, such as sports halls that are indoors but with many artificial lights, and in the use of the flash. There will therefore no longer be in these situations the flicker that was typical of this type of mirrorless. With the use of the flash, however, it can also reach 1/400 speed and on APS-C sensors it will reach 1/500 speed per second.

There is no shortage of news also for those who deve to carry out filming and videomaking work, because the Sony A1 has the possibility of recording in 8k with 8.6K oversampling, for the first time in the Alpha series. Improvement also for the resolution in 4k which reaches 120p with a very defined image resolution in each frame. Shooting in 4K can also reach an oversampling in 5.5K.

Sony A1: the list price

These capabilities and features, which appear for the first time in a mirroless Alpha and which go on the market to compete hard with the Canon Eos R5, build a machine with a significant price. The list price is € 7,300 and will be available starting from March 2021. A very ambitious machine that is aimed at the world of professionals, both in photography and videomaking, for the most complex situations of movement and light, among these certainly the world of sport and sports photography.