One True Pairing: Amy and Rory’s best moments in Doctor Who

One True Pairing: Amy and Rory's best moments in Doctor Who

Let’s dust off the most tender scenes of Doctor Who starring Amy and Rory with the top ten dedicated to the most memorable moments of the couple

New appointment with the column dedicated to the most beautiful couples of the TV series. This time it’s the turn of Amy Pond e Rory Williams of Doctor Who.

The best moments of Amy and Rory in Doctor Who

1. Rory waits two thousand years

Amy is about to die and the only way to save her life is to lock her in the Pandorica: here she can be saved since not even death can enter it. When, after two thousand years, she is freed from a child version of herself from another timeline, Amy discovers that Rory, the last of the Centurions, has been watching over her for two thousand years.

2. Amy rinuncia a Rory

After Melody, it is no longer possible for Amy to have biological children. In order not to preclude Rory from having a family to spend the rest of her life with, she chooses to leave him pretending not to love him anymore. But when Rory accuses her of not loving him the way he loves her, Amy reveals the truth to him: she gave up on him just to make him happy.

3. The most beautiful man

The love that Amy and Rory feel for each other is undeniable, and is made up of large and small gestures that show without the need for words how willing they are both to do anything to know each other safe, but when Amy expresses aloud what Rory really means to her, a sweet and very touching monologue comes out:

You know, sometimes you meet someone who seems so beautiful to you, then you talk to them and five minutes later they are heavy as a brick. But there are people you see and think ‘not bad, ok’. Then you get to know them better and their face becomes their soul, as if it expresses their personality and they suddenly become so beautiful. Rory is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.

4. Amy tells Melody about her father

Amy is kidnapped by the Order of Silence, but, despite the difficult situation, she knows that her husband will never abandon her. So he tells almost in the form of a fairy tale to the newborn Melody how wonderfully brave Rory is:

There is someone coming. I don’t know where it is now, but trust me, it’s coming. There is a man who will never leave us alone. And not even an army can get in the way. It looks young, but it has lived hundreds and hundreds of years. And wherever they take you, Melody, no matter how scared you may be, I promise, you’ll never be alone. Because this man is your father. He has a name, but the people of our world know him as the Last Centurion.

5. More important than the fate of the universe

When Rory, after dying, returns in the form of the Last Centurion, the Eleventh Doctor tests him to find out if his feelings for Amelia are still there. “Your girlfriend is no more important than the entire Universe,” Eleven tells him. Rory, at that point, hits him in the face and reminds him that it is for him. At that point, the Doctor knows for sure that the plastic Rory’s love is still incredibly real.

6. The girl who waited

During an episode of the sixth season of Doctor Who, Amy gets stuck in a different timeline than that of Rory and the Doctor. So she gets old on her own and becomes cynical and disillusioned. To bring her back, the Doctor manages to go back into Amy’s timeline and prevent her younger version from being saved by Rory. The boy will have to make a choice: save his Amy or the one who has been waiting for him for decades? It will then be the elderly Amy to facilitate the task, sacrificing herself so that Rory can continue living with her soul mate.

7. The Weeping Angels

During the seventh season, the Weeping Angels return and throw Rory into the past. It becomes impossible for the Doctor to save him, so Amy sacrifices herself once again by being caught by the Weeping Angels only to stay by Rory’s side for the rest of her life.

8. Amelia Pond and Captain Williams

After River Song manipulates events by refusing to kill the Doctor, time curls up on itself and all eras begin to exist at the same time. Rory and Amy have lost their memories and work as secret agents for Madame Kovarian. Although they know nothing of each other, the two still find themselves in love, proving once again that their bond is independent of time and space.

9. Rory is canceled

The cracks of space time also affect Rory, who is absorbed and obliterated by the Universe. The knowledge that she will soon forget about him is heartbreaking for Amy, who lets herself cry desperately at the thought of having lost him forever.

10. Marriage

The most beautiful and romantic day for Amy and Rory comes with the finale of the fifth season of Doctor Who when, after the reboot of the Universe, the two lovers finally get married.


Amy and Rory are the perfect example of how it is possible to create a credible and well-written couple in a television series without having to use forced and unnecessary drama to keep interest alive. With their sympathy and simplicity, the Pond have managed to conquer all the Whovians. Kudos to Steven Moffat!