Sony announces the remake of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation VR 2

Sony annuncia il remake di Resident Evil Village per PlayStation VR 2 thumbnail

resident evil village

Dear horror lovers, get ready for a thrilling experience. With an announcement on its official blog Sony has revealed that Resident Evil Village will also be playable on PlayStation VR 2. Currently, no official date has been announced, but the porting work is currently underway. The PlayStation 5 version of the game had already racked up awards and positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

What will the Resident Evil Village experience on PS VR 2 be like?

The viewer HDR 4K of PlayStation VR 2 will guarantee horror lovers an even more immersive (and frightening) experience. This is also thanks to the eye tracking technology that Sony’s home viewers are equipped with. Not to be underestimated then the immersiveness ofaudio 3D, which will make the gloomy sounds of Dimitrescu castle even more tense. We can therefore imagine that players will be able to literally “feel” the presence of the inhabitants of the castle. Inhabitants who, let us remember, are not very friendly. After all, that funny Lady D wanders through those corridors with only one goal: to kill you.

The gameplay experience, as Sony’s blog confirms, will be optimized for new ones controller Sensewhich will allow you to use both hands independently. It will therefore be possible to shield with your arms or handle a knife with the left while shooting with the right. In general we can expect a more realistic and engaging weapon aimingtaking full advantage of the controls available to Sense technology.

Could this be the new frontier of the survival genre? The blog confirms that further details regarding the release date and pricing will be released soon. We also know little about the launch date of PlayStation VR 2, which could arrive by the end of the year.

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