The adoption rate of iOS 15 is growing: here is the latest data

Il tasso di adozione di iOS 15 sfiora il 90% thumbnail

The spread of iOS 15 continues waiting for the official announcement of iOS 16, the new evolution of Apple’s mobile operating system. The latest data revealed by Mixpanel analysts confirms a record adoption rate with the target del 90% ever closer and with a clear step forward compared to the data revealed by Apple last January. Here are the details regarding what analysts revealed about the spread of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The action rate of iOS 15 continues to grow

iOS 15 is becoming more and more popular. Last January, Apple revealed that 72% of its users had completed the switch to the new version of the mobile operating system for the iPhone. In just under six months, however, this figure has grown further. According to the stime by Mixpanelin fact, currently iOS 15 has reached an 88.9% share of circulation. The figure should continue to grow before the arrival of iOS 16 and with the subsequent transition to the next version of the mobile operating system.

It is already time to switch to the new version of the iApple operating system

Apple will present the new in iOS 16. The new version of iOS will then arrive on the market in the near future, on all the iPhones that have arrived on the market over the last few years. To find out what will be new in iOS 16 you can take a look at the article linked below: