Sony announces two new tools for on-set Virtual Production

Sony announces two new tools for on-set Virtual Production

Two innovations proposed by Sony this April in the context of the Virtual Production toolset: a new Camera and screen plug-in and a new one Color calibrator per Venice/Venice2.

Recently, Sony announced a new set of tools to improve efficiencies in pre-production and Virtual Production workflows.

The new set of tools is compatible with Sony Venice, Crystal LED and the other HDR-enabled LED walls and allows you to significantly improve the management of the moiré effect in the camera.

The new set was born thanks to the partership of Sony with Epic Games, but above all “thanks to community feedback“, said Sebastian Lake, Head of Cinema Business Development at Sony Europe. But let’s analyze the two products in more detail.

Camera and screen plug-in

Let’s get specific: one of the main problems of common Virtual Production workflows is that the Virtual Art Department (VAD) fails to anticipate the actual color performance of specific cameras.

1. Sony’s new Camera and Screen plug-in is a software plug-in for Unreal Engine that, when installed, allows you to reproduce the Venice/Venice 2 settings and Crystal LED displays via Virtual VENICE.

This allows the VAD to create assets using the VENICE color pipeline during pre-production, avoiding already sending costly crew to set.

2. The plug-in can also simulate i filters Neutral Density (ND)recreating a shallow depth of field and making it easier to identify optical choices during pre-production.

3. Also show a I notify of custom moiré effect, depending on pixel pitch and other wall specifications.

4. In addition, Virtual VENICE settings can be exported and transferred directly to VENICE and VENICE 2 on set.

Color calibrator

The new color calibrator eliminates the need for guesswork, reshoots, or complex LUTs on set by calibrating directly the appearance of the LED walls (HDR enabled) to that expected by the VENICE camera.

A test pattern is recorded on the production LED wall with the Venice camera and the Color Calibrator application automatically analyzes the result. One is generated 3D LUT which can be applied to the LED controller, color management tool or Unreal Engine.

The process is obviously repeatable.

Prices and availability

The initial Virtual Production toolset will be available for free in estate o a fine 2023.

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Camera and screen plug-in

Color calibrator

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