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Sony blaring, the SRS-XV900 speaker arrives

Sony announced the new speaker Bluetooth SRSXV900the most powerful of the X Series wireless range. So it is the perfect product for those who want to celebrate at full volume, for large spaces and for those who cannot help but listen to music at full volume.

Sony SRS-XV900, the new really powerful Bluetooth speaker

The new Sony device has a drive Speaker X-Balancedwhich allows you to fill the space without distorting the sound, also thanks to Omnidirectional Party Sound, designed for parties. The non-circular diaphragm increases the pressure and optimizes the diffuser area. And with the door Jet Bass Booster you can generate powerful and intense bass, while the mid-range drivers and 6 tweeters front, side and rear ensure great vocal clarity.

But to make sure the party doesn’t end early, the SRS-XV900 speaker has an autonomy of 25 hours which allows you to listen to music day and night. And with fast charging, you can extend the battery life by three hours in just ten minutes. The mode Battery Care it allows not to damage the battery and extends its average life.

SRS XV900 sony min

Sony has also thought about convenience: with wheels and handle it becomes very easy to move this wireless speaker wherever you want.

The exclusive function TV Sound Booster Sony also allows you to turn the SRS-XV900 into a speaker designed for TV audio, giving you deep bass when watching a movie. With the included optical cable you can in fact connect it to any TV and enjoy the show.

Karaoke fans will also appreciate the ability to use two inputs, one for the microphone and one for the guitar, to use the speaker as an amplifier. And the top touch panel also allows you to set lights and many settings in an instant.

Finally, there are the smart features like Mega Bass to emphasize the bass or Live Sound to feel inside a concert. And if you want to live at full volume, there is also Live Life Loud. With the system Party Connect you can also connect to other Sony speakers, coordinating music and lights. And there is also the Fast Pairing with Android, where you can use apps Sony | Music Center e Fiestable.

Lo speaker Sony SRSXV900 will arrive in Europe a October 2022.

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