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Sony BRAVIA 2024, the “directors' intentions” in the new TVs

Sony has announced several interesting innovations for the TVs in the BRAVIA range for 2024. The company wants to make use of the experience gained in the cinema industry to guarantee image and sound quality faithful to the directors' intentions: a concept that the company has put at the center of its TV line. But what are the technologies that bring directorial vision into our homes?

Sony BRAVIA 2024, the “directors' intentions” in the new TVs

Sony explained to us that the BRAVIA range this year includes several TV models divided into 3 series. This time too, the flagship series is the gamma BRAVIA 9, the Mini LED series that you can find in 75″ and 85″. But there is also the BRAVIA 8 series, an OLED range that you can find in 55″, 65″ and 77″; and the BRAVIA 7 Mini LED range in 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″.

As already seen in recent years, Sony uses different technologies in the 2024 BRAVIA range. You can choose between the natural deep blacks of OLED and the brightness of Mini LEDs. But the company assures that, in all cases, we will see good levels of peak luminance, high contrast and natural colors. Combined with the new ones BRAVIA Theater audio productsannounced together with the TVs, want to recreate a cinema in our living room.

The directors' vision, in your home

Sony explains BRAVIA TVs intelligently optimize color, contrast e brightness to adapt to the home environment, which is typically brighter than a movie theater. This guarantees that the viewing experience is faithful to the director's original idea, even outside the cinema. To achieve these results, Sony has provided its televisions with advanced backlight control, which it had already presented to us at CES in Las Vegas this year. In fact, the company uses controllers for LEDs that they work at 22bit: 12 regulate the same number of brightness levels, while 10 manage the switch-on times.

Sony Bravia 2024 7 8 9Sony Bravia 2024 7 8 9

To manage them better, Sony TVs use new ones XR processorequipped with a scene recognition system that analyzes the data and optimizes the images, together with the X backlight unitR Backlight Master Drive.

Other key technologies for an experience close to the creators' intentions, even in less than perfect lighting conditions, are X-Anti Reflection e X-Wide Angle. They reduce screen reflections and maintain a beautiful image from any angle. And then there is High Peak Luminanceallows you to brilliantly illuminate particularly bright scenes, such as scenes in the snow.

Perfect modes for streaming on 2024 Sony BRAVIA TVs

Leveraging these technologies, Sony's 2024 BRAVIA TVs offer a wide range of studio-calibrated modes to faithfully reproduce the image quality desired by cinema content creators. In addition to the already present calibrated modes Netflix Adaptive e SONY PICTURES CORE (ex BRAVIA CORE), the new Prime Video calibrated mode offers optimal image quality for films, series and, for the first time, live sporting events. There is also Crunchyrollgreat news for anime fans.

sony bravia 2024 lineup tvsony bravia 2024 lineup tv

BRAVIA also supports Dolby Vision e Dolby Atmos for higher brightness, sharper contrast, richer colors and immersive sound for your favorite entertainment on Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix and other popular streaming services.

A joy for the ears, not just the eyes

During the presentation, the Sony team made a point of talking about audio — not just the new BRAVIA Theater line. The sound system Acoustic Multi-Audio+ with Beam Tweeter and Frame Tweeter promises cinematic surround sound, while the Voice Zoom 3 emphasizes dialogue for greater clarity. Finally, the function Acoustic Center Sync integrate the soundbar with your TV so the sound perfectly matches the action on the screen.

Voice Zoom 3Voice Zoom 3

Both BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theater audio products are compatible with IMAX Enhanced, being certified by IMAX and DTS. Combining them should provide really great audio.

Sony's commitment to environmental sustainability

Also pay attention to the environment. BRAVIA 9 and BRAVIA 7 use Sony's proprietary signal processing to automatically optimize brightness for each scene, for low power consumption. L'Eco Dashboard allows you to easily manage energy saving settings and check the amount of energy used.

sorplass recycled plastic to make the TVs in the Sony Bravia 2024 linesorplass recycled plastic to make the TVs in the Sony Bravia 2024 line

To reduce environmental impact, Sony uses in the back cover SORPLAS, a recycled plastic developed by Sony, while still maintaining a high-quality finish. Even the remote control Eco Remote uses almost 80% recycled plastic.

Sony's cinema technologies promise a truly solid TV experience – we can't wait to try them out (and tell you what we think). Find more information on the site dedicated to Sony's 2024 BRAVIA range.

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