Take-Two Interactive: staff cuts also by the GTA publisher

The fever of staff cuts also affects Take-Two Interactive: is this what Strauss Zelnick meant when talking about the development of GTA 6?

After what we've seen with Ubisoft and an honestly embarrassing amount of other publishers, too Take-Two Interactivepublisher of several franchises including GTAannounced dei staff cuts. We are talking specifically about 579 empty chairsand even though it is “only” the 5% of the workforce this also entails the cancellation of several projects (Agent was evidently not enough, ed.). This, of course, despite the previous plan Strauss Zelnick to reduce costs did not include “any plan” for layoffs and the like. Now, the publisher has announced that it would “eliminate several projects in development and streamline the organizational structure” to a total expenditure of between 160 and 200 million dollars. Of these, 120 to 140 are due to cancellations.

Take-Two Interactive's staff cuts: is anything safe beyond GTA 6?

Previously, Take-Two Interactive called GTA 6's development strike-proof, before announcing a February the expense reduction plan which today has resulted in a wave of staff cuts. In his time, Zelnick he has declared that “We haven't put any irons in the fire yet, but I would just like to note that our biggest expenses are on marketing. And I think there's room for improvement. We also have third-party, software, reseller and inventory expenses. And there is always the opportunity. The most difficult choice is to fire someone, for which we have no plan.” And thank goodness. The publisher plans to optimize the business model by aiming for growth starting from the release of Grand Theft Auto VI next year. Recently, the publisher has been shopping adding Gearbox to its development teams.

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