Sony Bravia 9 e non solo: presentata la nuova gamma di televisori thumbnail

Sony Bravia 9 and more: the new range of televisions presented

Sony presents its latest innovation in home entertainment: the series BRAVIA 2024with the model BRAVIA 9 as top of the range.

This new line of televisions was designed to transform the living room into a real cinema roomoffering a viewing experience that captures the intensity and emotion of movies on the big screen.

The series stands out for its variety of models, divided into three distinct categories, with the BRAVIA 9 series positioned as the flagship. These flagship models promise to captivate the public with stand-out features such as unprecedented peak brightness, deep blacks, striking contrasts and a color gamut that reproduces colors faithfully and naturally.

Features of the new Sony Bravia 9 television

Sony Bravia 9 will be available in 85″ and 75″ versions. Among the main features we highlight:

  • XR processor. The heart of BRAVIA technology is the XR processor, which uses an advanced scene recognition system to analyze and optimize every detail of the image, ensuring a visual rendering that reflects the director's original vision.
  • XR Backlight Master Drive. This technology, derived from Sony's professional monitors, uses a local dimming algorithm to manage thousands of LEDs individually, thus creating authentic contrast that highlights even the most hidden details in the shadows.
  • High brightness. The BRAVIA 9 series is capable of reproducing majestic natural scenes with extraordinary fidelity and precision of detail, thanks to a brightness that surpasses that of previous models, ensuring optimal vision in any ambient light condition.
  • X-Anti Reflection e X-Wide AngleThe X-Anti Reflection system minimizes reflections and glare, allowing you to enjoy pure blacks and sharp images at any time of the day. In parallel, the X-Wide Angle technology guarantees a perfect view of the image from every angle.

The features from an audio point of view are also interesting. Some new features include:

  • Acoustic Multi-Audio+. BRAVIA 9 TVs feature an innovative audio setup with beam tweeters positioned at the top and frame tweeters on the sides. The result is a surround sound experience that emulates that of a movie theater, with every sound appearing to come from exactly where the action is taking place on screen.
  • Voice Zoom 3. The latest addition to Sony's audio technology is Voice Zoom 3. This uses artificial intelligence to recognize and adjust the volume of voices, ensuring that every dialogue is clear and distinctly audible. Paired with BRAVIA Theater systems, this system elevates the audio experience to a new level of clarity and immersion.

Other models announced by SONY

The new model range also includes BRAVIA 8 YOU ARE (in the 75”, 65” and 55” versions) e BRAVIA 7 QLED (Mini LED). The latter is available in 85”, 75” and 65” versions. Pre-orders for all models are already open on the official Sony website.

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