The Renault Captur says goodbye to Diesel

With a renewal of the facade and make-up of the Renault Captur, the company abandons the Diesel, saying goodbye to it to make way for the new full hybrid, mild hybrid and bi-fuel LPG models

Let's talk about one of the most profitable and productive companies of the history of the automotive and motoring sector. Doing a market and data analysis, Renault has sold from 2013 to today over 2 million cars, thus becoming one of the most loved French automotive companies in the world and also one of the most profitable. Sure, the company had to deal with 4 years of declining sales, but falling happens to everyone. In fact, lately the team is making a comeback, selling more models of its cars. But this time the company wanted to make a change to its flagship model, the Renault Capturwhich said goodbye to Diesel to make room for the new full hybrid, mild hybrid and bi-fuel LPG models.

The Renault Captur says goodbye to DieselThe Renault Captur says goodbye to Diesel

The Renault Capture says goodbye to the Diesel forever and gets a new trick

The change we see on the bodywork of the new Renault Capture is clearly visible, although in reality the dimensions remain practically the same. The length remains 4.24 metres, while the minimum load capacity of the boot remains 484 litres. However, the new design is more dynamic and the front headlights, which are now full LED on all versions. Obviously it cannot be missed new Renault logo.

The interiors are no longer in leather, but in recycled fabrics and we find a new multimedia system OpenR Linkwhich now uses a 10″4-inch vertical touchscreen, is based on Android Automotive 12 and integrates Google services. The range starts from 22.550 euro and among the setups we also find the version Sporty Alpine esprit. Confirmed full hybrid da 145 cvbut it will also be available in bi-fuel with the 100 hp 1.0 3-cylinder turbo and the classic 90 hp petrol version.

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