Sony changes strategy: more PC and mobile for the future of PlayStation

Sony cambia strategia: il futuro di PlayStation è (anche) su PC e mobile thumbnail

It’s time for PlayStation news with Sony aiming to expand its presence into other segments of the gaming world. For the future, in fact, investments in the multi-platform market will grow and will be placed greater attention to the PC sector and to that of mobile devices, both Android and iOS. Here are the details:

Sony is aiming for a new strategy for PlayStation: more PC and mobile

Sony looks to the future for its PlayStation division and for PlayStation Studios, historically able to guarantee highly successful titles for consoles and, in particular, in single player mode, with a focus on the narrative sector. For the future, however, it is necessary to look at other sectors as well as evidenced by Jim Ryan, presidente di Sony Interactive Entertainment.

More live service

Sony plans to make several live service games over the next few years. Currently, there are about 12 games in development and half of them are destined for the PC and mobile world. For the future, therefore, about half of the games released by Sony should arrive on PC and / or mobile, significantly reducing the number of PlayStation console exclusives.

This approach should guarantee one net revenue growth for the company’s gaming division. The goal is to achieve these goals by 2025. In the next few years, therefore, it is reasonable to expect a real revolution for the PlayStation home studios. We will see how gamers will react to this choice.