iPhone 14 Pro, several changes in design

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The leaker Jon Prosser has posted some new ones rendering in iPhone 14 Pro, which show several changes in Apple’s smartphone design. Starting with the replacement of the notch with a horizontal “i” -shaped design and a different detachment for the rear cameras.

iPhone 14 Pro, several design changes in the new renders

The news comes from Jon Prosserthe leaker who published the renderings made by graphic designer Ian Zelbo on the YouTube channel Front Page Tech. MacRumors then had the opportunity to preview the images, which we report below.

I render they are not official. But they resume what came out in CAD renderings, dimensions leaked online, construction diagrams and production of accessories for the next top of the Apple range. Which show with the front of the smartphone will have a round cutout for the True Depth camerawhile the other sensors (including the one for the FaceID) will go into an oval cutout. Together they form an inverted “i”.

Credit: MacRumors

On the back of the smartphone we find a significantly larger camera bump than last year. It will contain a sensor for the 48MP main camerawhich will be 57% larger than the current sensor in the iPhone 13 Pro. It will allow for better shots and shooting in 8K.

Other less visible changes involve the opening of the corners of the device, which now better match the larger bump for the camera. Furthermore, in the renders we can also see the new color Violawhich should come along with Graphite, Silver and Gold for Pro models.

Below is a selection of images to see the differences.

iPhone 14 Pro Graphite Face Up minCredit: MacRumors

iPhone 14 Pro Silver Rear MacRumors Exclusive minMacRumors

iPhone 14 Pro Purple Exploded minCredit: MacRumors

Apple is finalizing tests for the new line of iPhones, which are expected to enter mass production as early as June. The smartphones will then debut in Cupertino in the first weeks of September. We will keep you updated with further news.