Sony Electronics: Announced line of BRAVIA HDR 4K professional displays

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Sony Electronics announces a line of 4K HDR BRAVIA professional displays that include a deep black anti-reflection coating as an option

Sony Electronics adds 15 BRAVIA HDR 4K professional displays to its extensive portfolio with the launch of the BZ50L, BZ40L, BZ35L and BZ30L series. Optimized for commercial environments that require reliability, image quality and high compatibility.

With options covering high-end, mid-range and standard needs, and sizes from 43″ to 98″, the new line includes a wide range of displays to meet any need. While integrating the features preferred by BRAVIA Pro userscome:

  • unrivaled image quality,
  • wider viewing angle,
  • carefully thought out professional functions
  • an intelligent System on a Chip (SoC) platform.

15 new models oriented towards sustainabilitywith sizes ranging from 43 to 98 inches and integrate the most requested professional features.

Sony Electronics: Announced line of BRAVIA HDR 4K professional displays

Details on SONY’s new line of 4K HDR BRAVIA professional displays

The new lineup includes the bright BZ40L series, which offers an advanced panel treatment that differentiates it from competing displays on the market. BZ40L Series Deep Black Non-Glare Coating offers high opacity and low reflectance, while retaining black depth and high contrast.

As we have evolved our BRAVIA professional display offering, we seek to meet the latest needs of our customers while prioritizing sustainability, and we have done so by expanding our range and integrating new technologies that address customer needs into a portfolio of high transparency, anti-glare and anti-glare screens, able to support installation in bright environments and with high ambient light,

said Christopher MullinsHead of BRAVIA Professional, Sony Europe.

Professional AV equipment users continue to trust Sony professional displays for their image quality, flexibility, size range and ease of use, and we are confident they will appreciate the exceptional combination of features of the new options, designed to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing business landscape.

New SONY BRAVIA HDR 4K professional displays: models

The flagship model, BZ50L, featuring Sony XR processing and unrivaled image quality, boasts 780 nits brightness in a large display. Additional highlights of the 98-inch BZ50L model include approximately 22% weight reduction and a 28% thinner bezel compared to the BRAVIA BZ40J professional series.

To make the large model more portable and easier to install, ergonomic horizontal handles are integrated in the lower part of the display, while the vertical handles are positioned at the top. The high brightness glare-free BZ40L series with X1 processing reaches 700 nits with 47% opacity and no glare. Except for the FW-85BZ40L model, which reaches 650 nits at 58% opacity, with no loss of contrast:

The models available are:

  • FW-85BZ40L (85″)
  • FW-75BZ40L (75″)
  • FW-65BZ40L (65″)
  • FW-55BZ40L (55″)

BZ35L series and BZ30L series

The improved BZ35L series is featuring increased storage capacity550 nits of reliable brightness and X1 processor:

  • FW-85BZ35L (85″)
  • FW-75BZ35L (75″)
  • FW-65BZ35L (65″)
  • FW-55BZ35L (55″)

The complete series BZ30L is offered in a full range of sizes, X1 professional processing modemirroring capability and 440 nits brightness:

  • FW-85BZ30L (85″)
  • FW-75BZ30L (75″)
  • FW-65BZ30L (65″)
  • FW-55BZ30L (55″)
  • FW-50BZ30L (50″)
  • FW-43BZ30L (43″)

Sony Electronics: Announced line of BRAVIA HDR 4K professional displays


All 15 models integrate sustainable elements: from the use of SORPLAS recycled plastic to the reduction of ink on cartons. Up to optional stand and ECO Dashboard for a better understanding of energy consumption based on the settings configuration.

Other common features are 24/7 operation, one-step preset definition for easy setup and customization. In addition to the uniform bezel design, flexible installation with the possibility of vertical and tilted mounting, support for installing multiple displays. Finally, the side logo is present to create an integrated arrangement.

The BZ50L, BZ40L and BZ35L series includes increased internal storage capacity of 32GB, which increases its flexibility and ease of use. All models feature a new centrally aligned standard VESA mount for ease of mounting. The line-up also features a common chassis design to easily choose models with the most suitable brightness without having to redesign the installation.

SONY BRAVIA HDR 4K Professional Displays: Availability

The new line-up of BRAVIA professional displays will also support Sony’s Alliance Partner Network. Enabling even greater integration and compatibility with established and emerging solution providers for business, education, transportation and retail applications.

All L-series models, BZ30L, BZ35L, BZ40L and BZ50L are expected to be available in Europe from August 2023. The new BRAVIA Professional Displays come with a 3-year PrimeSupport package and a 2-year extension can be purchased as an option.

To further support the launch of the new models, Sony’s BRAVIA Supervisor tool is now available to customers. This simplifies installations of BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays. BRAVIA Supervisors. It also revolutionizes the way BRAVIA Professional Displays are implemented and configured in the workplace. Allowing companies to save time and money.

And you? What do you think of these 4K HDR BRAVIA Professional Displays ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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