Samsung announces global launch of Bespoke Jet AI

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Samsung announces the lightweight electric broom that offers an intelligent and effortless cleaning experience, thanks to AI technologies

Samsung Electronics Co., today announced the upcoming global launch of the Samsung BESPOKE Jet AI, the Company’s most powerful cordless stick broom to date with 280W of suction power Optimized Clean Station that automatically empties the dust tank and technology-based features artificial intelligence (AI) based on tests carried out by the Korea Testing Laboratory, in accordance with the standard.

Samsung announces global launch of Bespoke Jet AI

The most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with the longest autonomy ever produced by Samsung

BESPOKE Jet AI is equipped with powerful HexaJet Engine which, with a sucking force up to 280Wis the most powerful vacuum motor ever for Samsung.

This ultralight engineonly 150 g in weight, is designed to offer a more convenient cleaning experiencewith a 25% increase in suction power compared to the previous model and a motor efficiency of 52%.

To allow consumers to clean for longer without having to stop to recharge the battery, BESPOKE Jet AI has been designed to have an autonomy of 100 minutesthe longest with a single battery of all Samsung cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

Its 4,500mAh battery has 80% more capacity than its predecessor, and has been optimized to maintain 70% performance up to 500 cycles.

In addition, BESPOKE Jet AI features a wide selection of brushes and accessories.

La spazzola Active Dual Brush allows you to get one efficient cleaning on all types of floors and the built-in LED lights highlight dust in dark spots, while thea spazzola Slim LED Brush is characterized by a high maneuverability designcon LED lights to illuminate even the most difficult areas. The accessory base allows you to conveniently store the brushes wherever you want.

Samsung announces global launch of Bespoke Jet AI

An AI-powered cleaning system for an exceptional and smart experience

Thanks to its brand new AI mode which exploits the Samsung’s Optimum Tech AI technologyBESPOKE Jet AI provides a more effective cleaning experience perfect for different environments.

BESPOKE Jet AI is the first cordless electric broom with AI verification from UL Solutionsa leading independent security science organization.

The AI Cleaning mode is able to recognize the type of floor to obtain an optimized cleaning and at the same time the maximum efficiency of the battery.

Thanks to AI Cleaning mode, BESPOKE Jet AI detect the load of the brushes and the air pressure via the sensors.

Then this data is analyzed to classify the type of floor, and the resulting algorithm is applied automatically to optimally regulate the power and speed of the brushes.

BESPOKE Jet AI’s AI Cleaning mode can reduce battery consumption by up to 14% and increase maneuverability by up to 6% when using the Active Dual Brush.

When the stick vacuum cleaner is combined with the Slim LED Brush +, battery consumption can be reduced by up to 21% and maneuverability increased by up to 8%.

In addition to the AI ​​Cleaning mode, the SmartThings connectivity allows consumers to customize the electric broom and related functions while maintaining very high performance through the smart self-diagnostic function, for even more effective cleaning experiences.

Samsung announces global launch of Bespoke Jet AI

More cleaning with the Clean Station

The even more powerful Clean Station takes advantage of technology Air Pulse which automatically empties the tank for faster and more hygienic cleaning. When the tank is emptied, the Air Spin Edge Clean Station technology spins the Spinning Cyclone at speeds up to 1,000rpm to flush out all the collected dirt, including any hair caught in the bin grate.

The Clean Station in the new even more performing version can automatically close the lid after each emptying, together with even more efficient dust management performance through the multilayer filtering system effective at 99.999% on the finest dust and with a removal rate of 99% hair and hair.

The launch of BESPOKE Jet AI demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to expand its presence on the global electric broom market providing consumers with solutions characterized by exceptional design and great ease of use.

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