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Sony Electronics launches MDR-MV1 monitor headphones for accurate sound reproduction

Sony presents the cuffie monitor MDR-MV1, a reference standard designed for professional sound engineers and music creators. These headphones combine sound quality with the need for prolonged use and great reliability. The open-back design allows for accurate reproduction of a wide sound field. It makes it the ideal option for mixing and mastering immersive spatial sound such as that of 360 Reality Audio technology and stereo sound with high resolution capabilities.

MDR-MV1 monitor headphones: the opinion of James Leach, Connected Content Acquisition Category Manager at Sony Europe

“As the spread of services that offer high quality streaming music with special sound, the demand for headphones capable of responding to these needs and enhancing the immersive experience is growing” explains James Leach, Head of the Connected Content Acquisition category at Sony Europe . “Sony’s great audio expertise is confirmed once again with the launch of the MDR-MV1. Versatile and stylish novelty, for use at home and in the recording studio. These headphones prioritize comfort, confirm Sony’s technical mastery and ensure good resistance. They give the user the ability to accurately reproduce sounds, exactly as the artist intended.”

Audio characteristics of the MDR-MV1 monitor headphones

The MDR-MV1 they offer great spatial sound reproducibility and precise positioning of the sound object within a 360-degree space. Crisp, high-resolution, nuanced sound with a very wide frequency range and perfect acoustics. Drivers specially developed for these headphones deliver ultra-wideband (5Hz – 80kHz) reproduction with natural high frequencies.

This allows professionals to capture the localization, spatiality and detail of any variation in sound processing. The open structure on the back of the headphones reduces the internal reflection of sounds and eliminates acoustic resonances. Accurately reproduces the natural notes and intensity of spatial sound. These features support its use in professional mixing or mastering environments with the highest audio engineering requirements.

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Comfort e design

Designed with comfort in mind, the MDR-MV1s have breathable earpads, are soft and light to always be comfortable, even after many hours of use. The MDR-MV1’s detachable cable is of high quality, with aluminum connectors and stereo mini-jack adapter for use in professional settings.

“To create extraordinary streaming listening experiences and immersive sound, it is important that artists and recording studio professionals have the tools to match these technologies,” says Mike Piacentini, audio engineer at Sony Music’s Battery Studios Entertainment. “The MDR-MV1, designed by the Headphone Engineering team in collaboration with Sony sound engineers, represents for creators working both in the studio and at home a new must-have reference tool for the most modern needs of sound design.”

The MDR-MV1 integrates seamlessly into the 360 ​​Virtual Mixing Environment (360VME), a service that Sony recently launched to free creators from any space constraints, increasing the possibilities of audio playback from virtually anywhere. The open back headphones will be available starting April 2023.

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