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Pico unveils new VR headset for business

Pico presented the new Headset VR for companies, it is a viewer that guarantees high performance with a Full HD screen

PICO, a leading brand in Virtual Reality and which devotes great attention to independent research and development, presents at the fair Laval Virtual, in France, PICO G3, headset VR 3DoF All-in-One which guarantees performance even more elevate and is packed with features designed to meet the growing needs of businesses: a vivid display, larger battery capacity, and a higher refresh rate. Furthermore G3 uses the new PICO operating system which guarantees the business continuity and allows you to live an increasingly realistic experience within the virtual world.

Pico unveils new VR headset for business

Pico G3 | Pico Headset VR

PICO G3 is specifically designed for enterprises, catering to the needs of a broad spectrum of customers across industries including education, healthcare, training and marketing. Built for business applications 3DoF, G3 is one of the first viewers to adopt the chipset XR2, which allows for more speed and a smoother experience. 3Dof sensing ensures easy, fast and scalable access to immersive content by allowing multiple users to use the headset and technology simultaneously, for example in a school environment or during an event.

The PICO G3 headset will be available through the PICO Enterprise Channel at an MSRP of 399 euro. Pre-orders for the G3 began on April 12th and the products will be available for shipment in early May.

Oliver Wohler, Enterprise Lead per l’area EMEA, thus commented on the imminent release.

Our mission at PICO Business is to provide companies with the tools necessary to enhance their business, creating new opportunities and achieving their goals: all through a simple, fast and immediate experience, G3 offers companies a significantly more powerful headset through a secure and reliable platform, offering first-rate assistance. Businesses are now able to unleash their unlimited potential with a next-generation headset, available at an affordable price.

Pico unveils new VR headset for business

A whole new level of performance and safety | Pico Headset VR

PICO G3 is powered by the processor Snapdragon XR2 from Qualcomm with 128GB of memory and 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM, allowing for faster speed and smoother experience. The viewer also mounts the latest version of PICO OS, which offers a more user-friendly interface to allow you to interact with the operating system in an easier way, especially for those who have no experience with Virtual Reality. The remarkable capacity of the battery from 5300 mAh, compatible with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0, it allows the headset to run applications for several hours without interruption and thus ensuring maximum operational reliability in different business scenarios.

PICO G3 has simplified account access by allowing users to quickly launch applications without the need to register one, thereby making headset deployment faster and easier for the company. Additionally PICO G3 features a Enterprise SDK which provides low-level APIs to control the headset and implement advanced functions. The enterprise SDK supports software development with Unity, Unreal, OpenXR e WebXR. Customers already using PICO 3Dof are guaranteed compatibility with the G3 through the SDK of their devices.

Pico unveils new VR headset for business

Guaranteed Security | Pico Headset VR

The viewer PICO G3 it is equipped with extremely reliable hardware and security features, thanks to the SoC with technology ARM Trustzone and advanced Kernel security. It is capable of providing support for a wide range of Android-based encryptions, as well as cybersecurity calculations and algorithms. PICO G3 offers stable online service due to enhanced infrastructure, transmission security and of storage of the data and a wide range of enterprise software and platforms that are part of the entire headset security system. All updates, patches and incident responses are easily managed through clear policies, procedures and arrangements.

Display ed ecosistema | Pico Headset VR

The resolution full HD and sharp of PICO G3 is achieved thanks to a set of Fresnel lenses, which reduce the effects of distortion and dispersion and correct the “halo” caused by scattered light, a common effect when using ordinary Fresnel lenses in a dark environment. Thanks to the G3 lenses, users can enjoy immersive visual and audio experiences without being disturbed by glare. The display ad high density of the viewer combines to a resolution 4K, to deliver unique depth, clarity and smoothness of image. Finally, the 3-position IPD adjustment allows you to get a clearer image that reduces dizziness and eye strain.

The device has been designed with a balanced shape: the HMD is placed on the front side and the battery container on the back. PICO G3 it is designed to be light and comfortable and to allow the use of glasses without any additional pressure on the face, making it even more inclusive for users who need prescription glasses to see. The face support pad is removable, so that all components of the headset can be cleaned and sanitized after use.

Through the PICO Business Suite, Integrated into PICO G3 is advanced device customization: users have access to additional settings and configurations, including features such as home screen customization, enabling kiosk mode and control and stream content between multiple networked devices, increasing scalability for classrooms or corporate training. Through the store PICO Business, companies and businesses can then access a rich ecosystem of partners who provide content designed for the success of the business. The dedicated app store allows developers, content creators and businesses to develop their own professional apps for free for users, creating a simple and easy-to-access business environment without barriers. PICO G3 it is also compatible with a wide range of MDM partners.

Pico unveils new VR headset for business

Dimension | Pico Headset VR

PICO through his products e services is aimed at businesses in Europa and from all over the world. With PICO G3 customers will have access to the brand’s customer support, and will be supported by local sales teams and prepared to offer assistance in the language of the country. A real specialized commercial structure, built around on-site distribution centers for fast delivery, meeting customers’ business needs every step of the way.

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