Sony Electronics presenta il monitor 4K HDR BVM-HX3110 thumbnail

Sony Electronics presenta il monitor 4K HDR BVM-HX3110

Sony Electronics presents a new monitor 4K HDR da 30.5 pollici designed for professionals working with color, live production and post-production: the monitor BVM-HX3110. It has a panel Double layer LCD with anti-reflection treatment, created by Sony, using Sony’s unique signal processing technology. This allows it to achieve a high peak luminance, fino a 4000 cd/m², without renouncing to deep and contrasted blacks.

Sony Electronics presenta BVM-HX3110, monitor 4K HDR

The BVM-HX3110 monitor joins the series BVM on Sony, which is distinguished by color fidelity, consistency and image accuracy. The new model also offers an mincreased detail brightness and an optional mode for reduce blurring of moving imagesor thanks to a fast pixel response.

It also has a wider viewing angle and a standard IP interface for SMPTE ST2110 signals, to integrate easily with Sony’s Networked Live system. The older model BVM-HX310 remains available as complement to the monitor BVM-HX3110 and has the same color reproduction, gamma curve and operation characteristics.

Among other useful functions, the monitor includes one standard waveform monitor/vectorscope (WF/VS) instrument. And then the false color, the focus assist, the subtitles, the3D LUT processing and quad and tiled display modes.

Sony Electronics presenta BVM HX3110 min

Additional features, in addition to the fast pixel response, include the support for JPEG-XS and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) via optional licenses. The monitor can also convert HDR/SDR signals and output 3D LUT signal for the user with other optional licenses. The BVM-HX3110 model has the same color gamut and coordinates perfectly with other Sony monitors, such as the established and complementary BVM-HX310 model, and the PVM-X and LMD-A series monitors.

In show to Las Vegas

A prototype of the BVM-HX3110 model will be at booth no. C8101 by Sony, at the NAB Show 2023 to be held April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It will be available in November 2023. You can find more information here.

Ellen Heine, Marketing Manager, Sony Electronics says: “Content creators are constantly looking for tools that help capture their creative vision and accurately represent it. Exactly what the BVM-HX3110 offers. Our actions are prompted by customer feedback, and indeed this new model offers a number of original features, including an IP interface for greater flexibility. Of course, in terms of color it is consistent with our most popular professional monitors, according to the design philosophy of Sony monitors.”

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