In fase di costruzione il primo stadio virtuale al mondo, pensato per gli eSport thumbnail

Virtex Stadium is the first virtual stadium in the world

We have soccer stadiums, American football stadiums and basketball arenas. Why, then, not realize a virtual stadium specially designed for eSports? After all, the world of competitive gaming, albeit slowly, is becoming an increasingly valid alternative to traditional sports.

Virtex is certainly well aware of this, as it is building the Virtex Stadium: the first virtual stadium in the world specially designed to host sporting events. Specifically the arena is designed for competitions of Counter-Strike e Counter-Strike 2among the most popular competitive video games in the world.

Virtex Stadium: How is the first virtual stadium in the world for eSports

Don’t expect an icon like the San Siro or a state-of-the-art athletic facility. Virtex Stadium is, as mentioned, a virtual stadium. This means that it will be open to visitors from home, through their own PC or via VR viewers. Virtex promises a fully 3D experience, simulating the experience of a real sports facility.

The virtual stadium also includes a lounge bar area and a main room for meeting friends. Visitors will be able to explore the arena through customizable avatars. Not only that: spectators will be able to decide whether to watch the matches from their virtual seat (just like in the stadium) or by diving into the game map, following their favorite player step by step. No, don’t worry, no one will shout pitch invasion.

At the moment it is possible to register for the open beta of the structure on the official Virtex website.

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