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Sony: Firmware update for FX6 camera

Sony announced on January 13, 2022 a new firmware update (Version 2.00) for the full-frame camera FX6 from the Cinema Line series. The update introduces AI-based Real-Time Tracking, the long-awaited autofocus function that allows you to follow subjects with extreme precision.

The function collects color, pattern (brightness) and distance (depth) data to process spatial information in real time, while artificial intelligence recognizes and follows the subject’s eye and face to ensure extremely high-precision tracking.

Following the feedback from customers, Sony has included in the firmware update some new technologies and features that allow you to create content of extraordinary creativity.

Among these, the compensation of the “breathing” effect, which stabilizes the angle of view during focusing, and the new bokeh control mode, which uses the variable ND filter. This mode automatically adjusts the ND filter and gain as you operate the iris, making it easier to adjust the bokeh effect while eliminating exposure fluctuations. The FX6 camera allows 16-bit RAW output to an external recorder via HDMI, giving videographers high flexibility in post-production. Furthermore, thanks to the RAW output from HDMI, it is no longer necessary to use an SDI to HDMI converter, an advantage that allows you to operate with a more compact system.

The update also introduces some usability optimizations, such as one new cached image recording function, which allows you to capture video retroactively for continuous recording, without filling the memory card and avoiding missing crucial moments. However, this function is also available when shooting in S&Q mode. The FX6 also features dual HDR and SDR output for the SR Live workflow and offers a 4-channel audio level meter.

The video camera FX6 is part of the Cinema Line family, the series of products designed to put Sony’s experience in the field of imaging technologies available to a large audience of directors and content creators. The firmware update will be available for download towards the end of January.

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