Sony: here are the new speakers of the X-Series line

A full volume life. Sony introduces the X-Series range with three new powerful wireless speakers. Here are the main features

Life should be lived “at full volume”, dancing non-stop to the rhythm of rich and intense notes. The new line of speakers Sony X-Series is designed to make the most of every moment and add strength to experiences that will become unforgettable: LIVE LIFE LOUD. Music is synonymous with sharing and, with the X-Series speakers, having fun together is easier than ever. The new models are designed to ensure powerful, wide-spread audio, able to enhance songs of any genre.

Sony: here are the new speakers of the X-Series line

At home or in the open air, alone or with friends, the listening experience of the new X-Series speakers satisfies any desire. The choice of the solution that best suits your style is divided into a wide range of possibilities of sound quality, portability, resistance and lighting.

Sony X-Series speaker: main technical characteristics

Innovative unità X-Balanced Speaker

All models include Sony’s innovative X-Balanced Speaker units. The non-circular diaphragm offers higher sound pressure and reduces distortions, extending the speaker area to the maximum and thus ensuring a clearer and more intense rendering of each song.

Omnidirectional Party Sound su XP700

With the three Front High-Efficiency Tweeter and the XP700’s High-Efficiency Rear Tweeter, Omnidirectional Party Sound delivers deep, penetrating bass and spectacular clarity.

Powerful Party Sound per XP500 e XG500

XP500 and XG500 are equipped with two front High-Efficiency Tweeters, which come together in the experience Powerful Party Sound. The XG500 also features passive radiators that, optimized to enhance bass clarity, create great sound, made to be shared.

Sony: here are the new speakers of the X-Series line


The function MEGA BASS, available on the entire range, allows you to emphasize the bass for a deep and impactful effect. The new X-Series speakers recreate the effect of a live concert with the mode LIVE SOUND, which allows you to endlessly relive the unique atmosphere of your favorite musical events.

Bring the party outdoors

The brand new and original XG500 boasts a degree of protection IP66, waterproof and dustproof, to experience the sound of fun virtually anywhere. It can be taken by the pool, to the park for a picnic or to the beach on a relaxing day, without fear of damaging it. Its durable water repellent mesh will prevent the speaker from getting wet ensuring nothing can stop the blast of music. For garden parties with no unexpected events, the XP700 and XP500 speakers have a level of protection IPX4 that does not fear even sudden raindrops.

Party without limits

Long-lasting battery

The long battery life of the XG500, XP700 and XP500 speakers allows you to take your favorite music anywhere. The function of fast chargingPlus, it’s designed to never have to worry about running out of battery. There Battery Care mode of the three speakers prevents the devices from reaching 100% charge to increase their duration over time.

Comfortable handles

The new X-Series family is equipped with comfortable handles which make transport immediate. Moving speakers from the room to the garden, and vice versa, has never been easier.

Light up your life

The unprecedented atmospheric lighting produces a modern and discreet effect, with the possibility to choose between patterns with a high rate of energy and more sober and reassuring shades, perfect for quiet evenings.

Turn on the fun


Karaoke fans have one more reason to be won over by the new X-Series speakers. The inputs for microphone and guitar they are the ideal solution to have fun until late at night.

Horizontal or vertical placement

XP700 and XP500 speakers can be used in different positions and oriented both horizontally and vertically. On the XP700, a sensor optimizes the sound based on the chosen positioning to deliver a superior result.

Sony: here are the new speakers of the X-Series line

Bluetooth compatibility

The X-Series range is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to be able to directly pair compatible devices and play music with ease.

Party Connect

With the Party Connect function, present on all three models, can be connected up to 100 compatible speakers, synchronizing music and lights.

USB port

With USB playback and charging options, the new X-Series models are the perfect speakers for any party. By connecting a device to a USB port digital files can also be listened to. And, if the smartphone’s battery is low, all you have to do is connect it to the speaker.

Sony | Music Center e Fiestable

The new X-Series line is compatible with the app Sony | Music Center e Fiestable. Sony | Music Center allows you to choose playlists, change songs or change light patterns and sound modes directly as you dance. Fiestable provides the funniest features that help create the perfect party atmosphere with dedicated playlists, karaoke features, such as Voice Changer e Echo, and DJ controls designed to add sound effects.


The SRS-XP700, SRS-XP500 and SRS-XG500 models will be available from June 2021.

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