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Sony Inzone H9 review: headphones with lots of style and quality

In this review we will take a close look at the brand new top of the range from Sony, the Inzone H9, wireless headphones with a lot of style and quality

We have had the pleasure of trying different products from the brand new line for several weeks Inzone Of Sony. In this review, more specifically, we will delve into the Sony Inzone H9truly performing headphones that match a excellent sound quality with obsessive attention to detail. All that glitters is not gold, in fact we also found some small defects which, however, did not affect the user experience that much. Let’s not get lost in chatter and let’s go straight to the full review.

Packaging and unboxing | Sony Inzone H9 review

Sony’s Inzone series packs are truly aesthetically pleasing. Specifically, that of inzone H9, it is really big and well protected. Headphones are the absolute protagonists. Inside the box we find the headphones with a small box lying on top that contains manuals and cable USB Type-C. Obviously the little one completes the kit dongle USB which will be used to connect the headphones.

Sony Inzone H9 review: headphones with lots of style and quality

Technical features

Before delving into the user experience, let’s take a moment to consider what we believe to be the main noteworthy features.

  • driver 40 mm in neodymium
  • Frequency response 5Hz-20kHz
  • Integrated battery with autonomy of approx 32 ore with NC deactivated
  • Bluetooth 5.0 con banda 2,4 GHz and range of approx 10m
  • Active Noise Cancelling and ambient sound mode

Design and first impressions | Sony Inzone H9 review

Let’s start talking about design. These are headphones to my personal taste really aesthetically beautiful, impressive, and also quite comfortable. The weight, of approx 330 grams it’s not the lightest, however the weight distribution makes the headphones fit really well. The entire headset is made of plastic, but this in no way affects the solidity and robustness that remain the cornerstones of the new product from the Japanese company. No creak when adjusting, by the way particularly appreciated that of pavilions.

Even in terms of comfort really nothing to say. The pavilions are made of a really excellent fabric (synthetic leather) that tightens the right fit without never cause trouble or problems even after several hours of continuous use. Under each pavilion then several keys are positioned: on the left pavilion there is the connector for recharging the headphones, the key for activating and deactivating Active Noise Canceling and ambient mode. There is also a volume control wheel. Under the right pavilion, however, there is the button Of on/off, the key for the Bluetooth and the command to adjust game and chat volumes.

Sony Inzone H9 review: headphones with lots of style and quality

How does she feel? | Sony Inzone H9 review

Let’s start by saying that the headphones connect to the PC (or to the PlayStation 5) via a convenient USB dongle. Pairing is immediate and does not require any operation on the part of the user. Clearly the headphones are also equipped with Bluetooth to be able to use them simultaneously connected to a smartphone. Using the button on the right ear cup, it is also possible to answer or reject calls during game sessions. Of course, if there is an incoming call while playing the game, the microphone it will be automatically dedicated at the call and no longer in game chat.

In the field hi-fi I can say that I have practically never tried Sony products that are not up to par. Also in this case, even from the sound point of view, these headphones are truly like no other. More than gaming headphones, absolutely valid, they can be safely used for listening to music and movies (also considering the extreme wearability and comfort). The sound is clean and extremely realistic. The bass and mids take on body in full Sony style without ever going to dirty the sound experience. Nothing to say at the level of gaming: I have used them several hours on Warzone 2 and I must say that, using a good audio mix on the game, they perform really well. To complete the purely sound department, the dedicated application cannot be missing INZONE Hub.

Dedicated application

Like any excellent quality headphones, this one is also supported, as I said, by excellent software. INZONE Hub it is in fact a program that manages to manage every headset setting directly from the PC in an excellent way. You will find, ready to use, different equalizations (including flat, custom, music/video or bass amplification). Possibility to activate/deactivate via software l’ANC and the ambient soundadjust the master volume and the balancing between game and chat and much more. Then there are also some adjustments concern it microphone, such as volume, automatic gain control and function test.

Autonomy and final opinions | Sony Inzone H9 review

The autonomy of the headphones, with the functionality of ANC e Bluetooth deactivated they stay on 32 ore. By activating those features, however, the autonomy drops to around 15, a bit low. The younger sisters, the Inzone H7, reached 40 hours of battery life with a much more affordable price; there is however to take into account the high quality of the drivers that will probably have an impact on consumption. In my opinion, the most important point, in terms of defects found, lies in the choice of the non-removable microphone. In my opinion, they would have been an absolutely wearable pair of headphones even in university or perhaps on an airplane using the ANC which offers truly excellent performance. Clearly the non-detachable mic castrates them somewhat in terms of usability.

Nothing to report, however, as regards the ANC and environmental noise sector. As I said before, the ANC really works flawlessly. Playing with PC fans almost to 100%, although the headphones isolate some background noise, I can still hear them. With active noise canceling, however, the silence It’s really absolute. Good job.

Conclusions and prices | Sony Inzone H9 review

The price at which they were put on the market is approx 299€. The price is certainly motivated and justified by the numerous features offered, as well as by the treatment of the details and the materials used. Without a doubt it is one of the better headsets on market, also thanks to software Of management of excellent workmanship and a truly impeccable listening quality.

Reflections, therefore, must be made on the basis of what matters to us autonomy and, in extreme ratio, to the impossibility of to remove il microphone. Apart from these two aspects, the Sony Inzone H9 give away certainly many, but many satisfactions.

What do you think of these headphones? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Plus points

  • Quality of materials
  • Dedicated application
  • Successful design
  • Excellent sound performance

Points against

  • Non-extractable microphone
  • Autonomy not at the top
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