Sony is the new provider of USA Today

Sony è il nuovo fornitore di USA Today thumbnail

Sony has announced a partnership with Gannett, owner of the USA Today Network. As a result of this partnership, the Japanese company will become the supplier of imaging products for the various activities of Gannett. In particular, Sony cameras will be made available to USA Today photographers and reporters.

Sony becomes the new official supplier of imaging products to Gannet and USA Today

All major Sony products, starting at Sony A1 cameras, will become part of the staff of USA Toda which, therefore, will be able to count on solutions at the top of the market to maximize the quality of images and videos. It is therefore a very important agreement for both parties which already today represent a reference for their respective sectors.

A partnership that benefits tens of millions of users

The contents produced by Gannett reach, every day, over 150 million people a day. The team of journalists includes over 500 professionals who cover over 10 thousand events every year, producing 2 million images and thousands of videos. Sony will also make direct support for its products available to Gannett and its staff. The partnership will create a large number of initiatives designed to facilitate the work done by the USA Today team.