James Dyson Award 2021: Winners announced

James Dyson Award 2021: annunciati i vincitori thumbnail

This week the three winners of the international edition of the James Dyson Award 2021. The exhibition has already awarded over € 1 million for over 250 promising inventions by young engineers and designers in 28 countries around the world. In the course of 2021, a record number of registrations were registered globally. Sir Hames Dyson has chosen three global winners for the first time. The winners were awarded a prize of 33,000 euros in support of the subsequent stages of their invention.

Winners of the James Dyson Award 2021

To win the 2021 international edition of James Dyson Award were the projects HOPES, Plastic Scanner e REACT who won the prize of 33 thousand euros each to be used in the stages following the invention. HOPES is a painless eye pressure testing tool for home use. The project was carried out by students from the University of Singapore. Plastic Scanner is a low cost handheld device for identifying recycled plastic. The project was carried out by Jerry de Vos of TU Delft. REACT is an invention that aims to stem bleeding and help save the life of stabbing victims. The project was carried out by Joseph Bentley of Loughborough University

The comment

Sir James Dyson – Founder and Chief Engineer – said: “It is extraordinary to see the enthusiasm with which young people approach the problems of the world through design, engineering and science. This year’s proposals were so promising that we awarded a third prize, focusing on invention in the medical field. Commercializing an idea is very difficult – I hope the awareness that the Award helps create, as well as the financial support it provides, will give these ideas a stepping stone to success. “