Sony updates the PlayStation Studios banner: Death Stranding check

Sony aggiorna il banner di PlayStation Studios: spunta Death Stranding thumbnail

Sony has apparently updated his official banner from PlayStation Studios to include Death Stranding by Kojima Productions. Following this change, many players have started talking. Let’s find out together what they said, bearing in mind that the information below is just rumors – at the moment.

Death Stranding appears in the new PlayStation Studios banner

Old Sony banner

The updated banner was spotted yesterday by a user. As stated earlier, Sony has updated the banner of PlayStation Studios: instead of Ash from Concrete Genienow we find Samuel Porter Bridges from Death Stranding.

The new banner, moreover, presents an updated image of MLB: The Showan updated design by Aloyan updated design by Grand Touring e Demon’s Souls.

As expected, people are already suggesting that this change is related to a possible, yet to be announced, acquisition of developer Kojima Productions from Sony. Of course, this acquisition has not yet been officially confirmed by no means but in recent years there have been some rumors about buying the studio’s Which to share with Sony.

new tech princess banner 1Sony updated banner

Earlier this month, PlayStation president and CEO, Jim Ryanconfirmed that more acquisitions are indeed on the way. His statements therefore appear to be in line with the recent rumors its a “Big” purchase from Sony. Unfortunately, Ryan has not yet disclosed further detailsbut the acquisition of Kojima Productions would certainly make sense, for both Sony and Kojima.

The PlayStation President said:

The critical success and commercial success of the first-party games that we have made has given us permission to invest heavily in content creation. We are growing our studios organically and we are growing through the acquisition. We acquired five studios over the course of 2021. We are in discussion with Bungie. And we have other plans.

As usual, we advise you to take the above information with a grain of salt, pending confirmation from Sony e Which ones.