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DAC SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII un best buy da soli 140 Euro su Amazon.

L’ SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII is a digital analog converter produced by the SMSL company which is based in China, more precisely a Shenzen, a place well known to all technology enthusiasts. Since 2009, the year of its foundation, SMSL has produced a series of electronics for sound reproduction characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio.


Sanskrit is certainly one of the most successful objects from this point of view. In recent times there have also been devices with audiophile ambitions such as the VMV D2 DAC equipped with the conversion chip AK4499 can also offer file support MQA.


The first thing that captures the SMSL Sankrit 10th MKII is the appearance and the particular rotating display that allows it to be positioned both horizontally and vertically. There are three colors available: blue, black and red.

smsl sanskrit 10th mkii dac ak4493 24bit384khz dsd256 2

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Why is SMSL Sanskrit 10th considered a best buy?

To answer this question, in addition to the purchase price, it is good to know the basic technical characteristics. First of all, the conversion chip used is the famous one AKM AK4493.

It has become a very rare commodity following the fire which occurred almost a couple of years ago at the factory which is now slowly resuming production. The purchased USB is entrusted to a unit asicrona Xmos capable of decoding files DSD (512) e PCM (768 Khz) Speaking of USB, it is good to know that there are two USB inputs: one dedicated to data flow and the other dedicated topower supply. This is to ensure that the sound is free of interference.

smsl sanskrit 10th mkii dac ak4493 24bit384khz dsd256

There is also the Coaxial and Optical connection.

The Sanskrit SMSL is equipped with a volume control so you can directly connect a power amplifier or, why not, some powered speakers. Could not miss a remote control capable of controlling all the functions of the DAC.

Sifting through the data sheet, the declared distortion level is very interesting, as well as the good dynamic range of 119 dB and to a SNR at 120 dB.

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Availability, prices and conclusions

The weight of only 320 grams and the small dimensions make the SMSL Sankrit 10th MKII the ideal companion not only for a classic Hi-Fi system but also for a desktop station and for those who generally have little space available. At the proposed price of 139,99 Euro is an object of great interest that can make you land on liquid music, improve the audio performance of your television or even improve the performance of your gaming station.

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