Sony wants to improve its relationship with indies: here’s how

Sony vuole migliorare il suo rapporto con gli indie: ecco come thumbnail

E ‘a few months ago the news that many independent developers they were starting to express discontent with the publication of their games on the ecosystem PlayStation, given Sony’s very stringent regulations. Although the Japanese giant did not respond immediately to the criticisms, it is part that someone was actually listening, given that Sony has recently started moving in favor of indies.

Sony meets indie developers

The stance of indie developers dates back to last July, when a group of studios and publishers stated that Sony has overly complex tools and modules, unclear processes and poor communication with his independent partners when it came to getting answers, directions or, more simply, problems solved.

This is without counting the great difficulty of the aforementioned securities to emerge in the PlayStation Store, which makes making the sales necessary to profit from your job really difficult in the Sony ecosystem. Now it appears the tech giant is starting to look for a way to improve the situation.

To give us an update on the matter was IGN, who found an internal document of the company that it lists three areas for improvement based on a survey administered to several independent Sony developer partners, showing that the company has listened to the issues that emerged a few months ago and is actually looking for a way to improve the situation.

The first point Sony wants to work on concerns the reduction of complexity, by establishing more effective communication channels and making sure that developers and publishers easily have everything they need to work at their best. Second, the company promises to offer all its independent partners access to best selling solutions and marketing, as well as improving visibility in the Store.

Finally, the will of improve relationships with their partners, both in terms of communication and customer service, by establishing clearer methods to communicate any problems. In short, the commitment is undeniable, we just have to wait to find out how things will develop in the long term.