Sony's fourth quarter: PlayStation 5 sold 7.1 million

Sony’s fourth quarter: PlayStation 5 sold 7.1 million

Fourth quarter 2022 was the best quarter ever for PlayStation 5with well shipping of 7.1 million consoles around the world in just three months. In total they are 32 million orders from the November 2020 launch.

The significant boost was obviously given on Christmas, the first in which Sony actually had consoles available. PS5 holiday sales up 83% compared to the same period in 2021.

PlayStation 5: the results of the fourth quarter 2022

The company plans to ship an additional 6.2 million consoles by the end of March, thus reaching its annual goal of 19 million orders. To get a comparative idea, PlayStation 4 had shipped just under 38 million consoles during the same period of its life cycle, so PS5 is following its predecessor despite significant supply problems. Problems caused by the pandemic and the silicon crisis. Already at the beginning of January Sony had made it known that PlayStation 5 console availability has finally returned to normal.

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As far as revenues are concerned, however, Sony closed the quarter in 53% year-on-year increase. Operating profit also increased 25% year over year to 116 billion yen (about $820 million). PlayStation Plus subscribers and monthly active users of PlayStation Network are also growing. In particular the total number of PlayStation Plus subscribers for the quarter was 46.4 million, down from €48 million in the prior year, but up from €45.5 million in the prior quarter ended 30 September 2022.

Good also with regard to video game sales. Sony said this week that God of War Ragnarök, released in November, has sold 11 million copies in just three months.

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