Sony’s next special event in August?

According to rumors, Sony intends to hold a special event next August dedicated to the presentation of its next first party titles

Do we need to prepare for the next PlayStation event? According to the latest rumors, it looks like this. The State of Play on July 8th seems to be just an appetizer for the players. An insider declares that Sony is preparing the next big special event for the month of August. On this occasion it seems there will be announcements of titles first party, gameplay preview, release dates of expected headlines and news on the next generation of VR.

Sony would be thinking about the release of the next special event for August

The rumor comes from Roberto Serrano, an insider who has proved reliable many times (but not always), so we have to take the news with a grain of salt. According to Serrano, it would be scheduled for the month of August the next special event Sony dedicated to first party titles. The rumor seems to have some basis however; in fact, a few days ago, the Japanese company had specified that further teaser and information on GoW2 and Horizon Forbidden West would arrive just in August. Specifically, the event rumored by Serrano should be held on 12 August and should see the return of the sequel to God of War and confirmation of the official release date of Horizon Forbidden West.

Sony's next special event in August?

Also, there should be updates on the next one generation of VR and news on the expansion of the PS5. In any case, Sony is still obliged, sooner or later, to provide information on these titles. Since from their ad, net of teasers and some gameplay we have not had any official information or a release date, especially as regards GoW2. However, don’t expect a release official very soon. Because by now we have learned to expect confirmation only a few days before the events.

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