Soul Hackers 2: unveiled the trailer and release date of the new title Atlus

Soul Hackers 2: svelato il trailer e data d’uscita del nuovo titolo Atlus

After several days of enigmatic live coverage, Atlus unveiled Soul Hackers 2 and its release date with a trailer

On February 17, it appeared on the internet a mysterious countdown within a site named “Soul Hackers”, and a few hours later Atlus had kicked off unusual activity on social media. A game of the same name was released in 1997, then getting a re-release in 2013, arriving on the Nintendo Switch. After three days of mysterious live shows, in which further small details were provided, on February 21 the identity of the project and its release date were finally revealed through a full-bodied trailer: it is Soul Hackers 2, a new game from Atlus which was initially known as the “Project Pen”, and which belongs to the MegaTen series.

Soul Hackers 2, the release date in the official trailer

The official confirmation of Soul Hackers 2 came during the last live broadcast. Starting with a small “tokusatsu” style show, where the main character Ringo found herself in fighting demons at the Kanda temple in Tokyo. Soon after, the trailer for Atlus’ new game Soul Hackers 2 was shown, complete with a release date. As the video flowed, several key title details were provided, showing one very similarity towards the gameplay and graphics style of Persona 5. In addition to this, it was also announced how it will also arrive for all platforms currently available, however excluding a version for the Nintendo Switch.

A special edition has also been announced for Japan, la 25th Anniversary Edition, exclusively for PS5 and PS4. It will include DLC with an art book and a CD, and will also feature Persona 5 music and costumes from the game. To be part of the staff of Soul Hackers 2 will be there Eiji Ishida e Mitsuru Hirata, in the roles of director and producer. They are the same ones who worked on Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and Tokyo Mirage Session, and it is also for this reason that some features present in the two titles are revised. As for the official release of Soul Hackers 2, it is scheduled for August 25, 2022 in Japan, while the next day the new Atlus game will be available worldwide. also in Italian.

The story is set in the 21st century, a little further from the present present, history presents the so-called “Devil Summoner”, able to summon demons to help people. Between them, two factions are at war: the Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society. Meanwhile, a supernatural being who watches over the world, named Aion, senses its end. Ringo and Figue, two beings of Aion enter the human world to avoid the catastrophe, but the targets to be protected are already dead. Ringo then uses the “Soul Hack” ability to revive them. After giving him a second chance, Ringo and Figue join the resurrected Devil Summoners as the future of the world stands in jeopardy.

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