Sound waves become the protagonists of WhatsApp

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We have already stressed several times how important voice messages have become in communicating on the WhatsApp App. Enough to convince the platform to improve the user experience with audio content. In this regard, it is impossible not to notice that these days the application has finally released the sound waves inside the bubbles of conversations. A novelty that had already been “spoiled” by the December 2021 WhatsApp beta, but which now becomes real in all respects.

WhatsApp: App officially introduces sound waves in messages

If these days you have noticed a different design for your voice messages on the WhatsApp App, don’t worry. The platform is finally releasing new graphics for this content, which now will reproduce the shapes of the soundtrack of the message you are listening to. A modification that undoubtedly improves the aesthetics, but also a detail that provides useful information on the audio note you are about to hear it. If someone just sent you a 30 second screamed audio, now you can finally know. And maybe avoid listening to him.

But this doesn’t seem to be the only news coming for users. The version of the iOS beta, in fact, hides an option that appears facilitate state control. According to what was reported by WABetaInfo, there would be the possibility to choose with whom to share one’s status on the WhatsApp App. As you can see in the image below, there should be three options: contacts, all contacts except a few – up to a maximum of 10 – and just one contact. To choose who to share this detail of your account with, you will have to go to the Settings, then select the items “Account”, “Privacy”, “Status”.

Credits: WABetaInfo

In any case, although WABetaInfo always proves to be a safe source, at the moment the function has not yet been made available even in the beta. It is a probability, so to speak. In the meantime, then, let’s be content to see the sound waves speak for us.