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Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY: wireless vacuum cleaner on sale

If you want a very comfortable household cleaning support tool, this Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY is for you! It is a cordless vacuum cleaner with high power and the convenience of a dust jacket

The vacuum cleaner is certainly one of the most used tools for cleaning the house, however it has a big limit ie the connection to the electrical outlet that prevents moving freely. The thread then tends to get stuck, wasting a lot of time. A cordless vacuum cleaner like Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY can solve the problem easily. Thanks to’high suction power and battery power allows you to easily reach every corner of the house, even the suspended ones!

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY: wireless vacuum cleaner on sale

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY: cordless vacuum cleaner

This vacuum cleaner, despite its small size, has an excellent suction power of 16 kPa, adjustable on two levels, and a large suction mouth measuring 240 mm. Thanks to the careful design, all the suction power reaches directly the area where the dust is located to improve cleaning efficiency.

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY is equipped with triple high efficiency filtration system, removable and washable for reuse. Different terminals and different handles are available to adapt to vacuum both on the ground and above the furniture. With this easy-to-handle vacuum cleaner it will be possible to reach any corner and nook of the house, removing dust even behind furniture and bathroom fixtures without difficulty.

He peso is only 1.54 kg and thanks to the ergonomic handle allows you to easily clean both the floor and high places. The 4cm Slim Swivel Floor Brush facilitates all-round cleaning. Furthermore, once the cleaning is finished, it can be stored on the convenient wall rack to keep the house tidy.

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY: wireless vacuum cleaner on sale

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY technical specifications

  • Diet: 220V 50Hz (CN plug with 3 pin, could be used as AU plug)
  • Power: 600 W
  • Dust container capacity: 0,6 L
  • Noise: ≤79dB
  • Suction power: 10 kPa (standard) / 16 kPa (forte)
  • Power regulation: 2 levels
  • Product size: 24 x 15,2 x 108,5 cm
  • Product weight: 2,1 kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 20 cm
  • Package weight: 2,7 kg

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY: wireless vacuum cleaner on sale

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mijia MJXCQ01DY is available on the TomTop website at the price of € 58.99, VAT included. The product is in stock at the European warehouse and therefore shipping times are limited. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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