Space Pirate Trainer Deluxe coming to Oculus Quest

Space Pirate Trainer Deluxe in arrivo su Oculus Quest thumbnail

Space Pirate Trainer Deluxe di I-Illusion is about to arrive on the platform Oculus Quest. Lhe new version of the thrilling arcade title in VR will integrate the feature for the first time Multiplayer is that Arena. The title will be exclusive to Oculus Quest and will be available as a free update for players who have the original version of the game. The date to be circled on the calendar is that of the next one 9 of September.

Space Pirate Trainer Deluxe arrives on Oculus Quest on September 9th

The new Space Pirate Trainer Deluxe will include the ability for users to start multiplayer game sessions. There will be two modes available to users, Arena e Versus. The first, Arena, is in turn divided into two versions (Arena online and Co-Located Arena Mode). To ensure maximum results, players will need a large playing space (at least 10 x 10m in size). The Versus version, on the other hand, will allow you to give life to exciting “head to head” online, both with friends and with causal opponents.

Free update for base game owners

Users who have the “base” version of Space Pirate Trainer will not have to purchase the title. The game, in fact, will be available comand free update, always starting next September 9th. For more details you can take a look at Oculus official blog pending the release of the new title. The appointment with the new Deluxe is set for next September 9th.

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