Spawn: the film will be violent, according to the director

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The infernal demon is about to return to the big screen and the director wanted to assure fans of the character: the Spawn film will be violent and will completely distance itself from the standards of the MCU, thus confirming that he will take total freedom on the scenes of fights, violence and lots of blood

The director of the film Todd McFarlane (here is his bio), which is also the character creator and cartoonisthe pressed Jason Blum e la Blumhousepromising that his Spawn movie will be very violent and something very different from Marvel. Although the MCU has started to produce more mature and violent products under the label Marvel Spotlightwhich we wrote an article about, Spawn will be something completely different. The director returns to talk about the film, specifying that it will be a superhero film that completely deviates from the clichés of the genre, bringing something new.

Spawn: the film will be violent, according to the director

Todd McFarlane reassures us about the Spawn movie

There’s been some really discouraging data for superhero movies recently, especially regarding The Marvels, which represents the bottom of the Marvel Studios abyss. Fans also started complaining about always seeing the same formula over and over again, but the character’s creator Spawn he reassured fans in an exclusive interview with ScreenRant. The director of the film agrees with the fans on the issue of the same formula seen and revised. At this point Tood McFarlane tries to answer the question “How can you innovate a formula that has become too repetitive?“. The answer is simple: you need a suitable character. That character could be your own Spawn. Unlike characters with great morals like Supermanwith which you don’t have much freedom, with Spawn instead you can show many more things that they have never shown in comic books. Another fundamental thing to take into account is that Spawn isn’t very well knownif not among the most avid comic book fans.

If you want to sell a product, you have to know how to sell it outside your circle and make it appeal to all those people who have never read a comic. So fingers crossed.

McFarlane added, concluding by saying he really hopes he gets it done something different. What do you think about it? Do you think Spawn can renew the comic book formula? Let us know with a comment below. Continue to follow us on for other news from the world of cinema and much more!

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