Speedlink: here is the new PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset

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Work in a healthy and efficient way with the new PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset by Speedlink, minimizing physical effort and with high functionality

The new Ergonomic Deskset PIAVO from Speedlink ensures a posture very and facilitates the work on PC e notebook long-term. To complete the configuration, Speedlink offers other ergonomic products in its wide range, such as the palm rest ergonomic RAIN and the gel mouse pad VELLU.

Type comfortably on any size keyboard with this palm rest. Thanks to’foam paddingthe weight of the wrists is distributed fairly, not focused on a specific point like with a bearing in gel. This provides support comfortable for the wrists while reducing the strain on them.

Il mouse pad it’s perfect for keeping your wrists in one position relaxed while working, thus preventing overexertion. The gel filling allows the mouse pad to modeling to adapt optimally to any wrist, thus improving its use.

Speedlink: here is the new PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset

Elegant and ergonomic design

Il Deskset is composed of a keyboard it’s a mouse and has been designed for healthy and efficient work. Both devices have an ergonomic shape and favor one natural posture while working on PC or notebook. This protects sustainably i tendons e le joints of the armfrom the shoulder he was born in neck and greatly reduces physical effort. In addition, the set is characterized by a high level of functionality.

Thanks to technology radio wireless a 2,4 GHz with a range of up to ten metersthe work can be done independently from the position Of computer. The precise sensor The infrared mouse works on almost any surface and the resolution of the sensor can be adapted to the respective situation with a switch dpi.

Furthermore, i five buttons mouse buttons allow for control comfortable and efficient. With a total of twelve multifunction keysthe keypad keyboard full-size facilitates insertion options and always maintains the right position thanks to rubber feet. Both the mouse and keyboard can be turned on and off via a separate switch.

Speedlink: here is the new PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset

PIAVO Ergonomie Deskset: here are the main features

  • Deskset: consisting of keyboard and mouse
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Scope: up to 10 m
  • radio technology: 2,4 GHz
  • Connection: USB receiver
  • Mouse with 5 buttons + dpi switch
  • Optical sensor with adjustable resolution: 800 / 1.200 / 1.600 dpi
  • Mouse size: 120 × 76 × 72 mm (L × P × A)
  • mouse weight: 112 g
  • Keyboard: with full size keypad
  • 12 multifunction keys
  • Keyboard size: 453 × 212 × 30 mm (L × P × A)
  • Keyboard weight: 363 grams

Speedlink: here is the new PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset

Availability and prices

Il PIAVO Ergonomic Deskset wireless, in black is now available at the price of 59,99 €. For more information, visit the dedicated website.

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