Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter’s future?

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The story of Spider-Man will continue in the MCU with a new trilogy already confirmed that will show other stories of the character and a new path that he will face, but we asked ourselves a question: what will the plot of Spider-Man 4 be and what will it be, above all , the future of Peter Parker?

It was the 15 December 2021 when the greatest cinematic experience starring the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came out: Spider-Man No Way Home, of which you can read the review at this address. The biggest event cinema has ever seen in a Spider-Man film adaptation, the first time ever three franchises merge into one. In addition to Tom Holland, in fact, there have also been Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield (read the complete filmography) from the dilogy of The Amazing Spider-Man e di Tobey Maguire of the trilogy of Sam Raimi. Now that more than two years have passed since the film’s release, how will Spider-Man’s story continue? What will be the future of the character? We have some theories.

Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter's future?

Venom | Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter’s future?

In one of the post-credits scenes, one of the most interesting things we see is the cameo from Venom by Tom Hardy. Even though the character was used (almost) uselessly, the cameo thrilled all fans of the two Venom films. But not only that: he brought Venom in the MCU. A small piece of the symbiote, in fact, detaches itself from Eddie Brock’s body and enters the pub where he was enjoying a beer. This could be a new beginning and quite possibly the most plausible hypothesis we’ll see in the new Spider-Man movie. Most likely Peter will come into contact with the symbiote and will begin to change character, becoming darker and more violent than in the first three films. It would be a way to explore a new aspect of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, showing his darker side. The pain of loss, the death of Aunt May, the breakup with MJ, the estrangement from his best friend Ned, are all good conditions for Peter to unleash his fury and Venom could help him. Once he breaks away from Peter, however, who will be the symbiote’s host?

Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter's future?

Hobgoblin | Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter’s future?

Even if he forgot about Peter Parker’s identity and broke away from him, that doesn’t mean we won’t see his best friend again. Ned Leeds. Those who follow the comics know who Ned becomes Hobgoblina modified version of the original villain Goblin. In Marvel comics there have been various versions of Hobgoblin: Roderick Kingsley, Arnold Donovan, Jason Macendale, Daniel Kingsley, Phil Urich, Claude and obviously, Ned Leeds. In the comics, Ned Leeds is hypnotized by the original Hobgoblin and believes himself to be Spider-Man’s supervillain enemy, in fact he teams up with a rival of Kingpinthat is to say The Rose. He also kidnapped Flash Thompson when she discovered he was having a clandestine affair with his wife Betty Brant. Ned, therefore, causes a lot of havoc in New York and in Peter Parker’s life, so he could be a threat that he will have to face. Not only that, he would also be one personal battle, since Ned was Peter’s best friend and Spider-Man will once again have to put aside his humanity and stick to his responsibilities as a hero. It would be very interesting to see.

Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter's future?

Daredevil Mentor | Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter’s future?

It is now almost certain that one of the guest stars of the fourth Spider-Man film will be Daredevilplayed by himself Charlie Cox. The character has become one of the most beloved thanks to the Netflix TV series, declared canon in the MCU and today he is also seen as a legendary figure in the cinematic universe. Now, however, Matt Murdock could become the Peter’s new mentor, helping him especially in the war against Kingpin. Peter continually had mentors, one for each film: Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire star Tony Stark, Mysterio and Spider-Man. Now the Man Without Fear’s time may have come, also because Peter is now alone, but he is still very young and needs all the support he can get. Matt Murdock could be there new father figure for the young man, and above all he would be a great help in the war that Fisk will unleash.

Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter's future?

Mayor Kingpin | Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter’s future?

Always following online rumors, Kingpin will be mayor of New York. In the comics this thing has already happened and total chaos has broken out in the city. Wilson Fisk has in fact imposed laws against superheroes, banning their interventions in the city and considering them gods outlaw, this applies to all urban heroes (Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hawkeye, Moon Knight etc.). This is another of the biggest obstacles that young Peter Parker may have to face during his new life phase. Kingpin is a very villain strategic, cunning and powerful, uses all his resources at his disposal to make life difficult for the heroes and changes the fortunes of New York. This happens in the comic series Devil’s Reign, where Matt Murdock tries to end the Kingpin’s empire. From Peter’s point of view, he may not be the protagonist of the issue, but he represents a huge difficulty that will make the character grow even more.

Spider-Man 4: what will be the plot and Peter's future?

A more adult Spider-Man

With everything poor Peter has been through in the MCU, which he was literally forced to give up everythingin the future it could lose all the innocence that represents teenagers and make it mature, becoming more adult. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will probably become more similar to that of Insomniac: always ironic, but with a lot of aspects darker and more mature. Spider-Man is a character with a lot of comedy, but at the same time he is also characterized by tragedy. In Peter’s future we expect many tragedies, much pain and even more losses, but above all Peter will have to grow up. It is difficult to predict how he will evolve in his private life, just as it is difficult to predict whether he will be there Oscorpgiven that Norman Osborn he has already been used as a character, taking him from Raimi’s trilogy. Peter will probably have to fend for himself by working as a photographer at the Daily Buglegiven that the character of J. Jonah Jameson it hasn’t been 100% explored. It could be a nice addition to the story, but it will still put Peter in difficulty as he will have to support himself. One thing is for sure: Spider-Man in the MCU will become older and darker, with many personal challenges to face that will make him grow.

What do you think? Will Spider-Man become darker or will he remain light and ironic like in the first trilogy? Let us know with a comment what you expect for the future of the character! Continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for other news on the world of cinema and much more!

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