Spider-Man: no way home: Tom Holland talks about in a video

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Spider-Man: no way home: Tom Holland talks about in an exclusive video for the digital version

Tobey Maguire ed Andrew Garfieldin an exclusive video for the digital version, they talk about the colleague Tom Holland, protagonist of Spider-Man: no way home, world boxoffice record. In streaming and download the film is already available for purchase; on the main platforms you can see the extras and numerous physical copies will be available from 12 April.

Spider-Man No Way Home with Tom Holland, the last act of his trilogy dedicated to Peter Parker, is already available for purchase digitally on Chili, Rakuten TV, Amazon Prime Video Store, Tim Vision, Google Play and YouTube. On the same platforms it is possible to find extra content, even free: among these we know that there is also a video where the kindness and sympathy of Tom Holland are appreciated by some members of the crew, but also and above all by the actors who were themselves Spider- Man, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Spider-Man No Way Home in streaming and download purchase

The film began to be available for digital purchase (streaming and / or download), thus being able to move into the homes of all Marvel fans and beyond. On April 12, however, it will also be physically available in Ultra HD 4K, Blu-ray and DVD, but, as always, we will keep you informed for the release. Obviously we would like to remind you that, once you have chosen the store, the purchase of the digital version does not require subscriptions and the film is always available on your account.

This will allow Marvel fans to review the epic adventures that happened in this film

The plot

In the story of No Way Home Peter Parker, after Mysterio revealed his secret identity to everyone in Far From Home before dying, he turns to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to erase the collective memory of the revelation. Nothing goes as expected, so much so that Peter finds himself facing enemies he has never seen and who come from parallel universes where someone else has been Spider-Man … The nightmare of the Multiverse has just begun …

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