Splinter Cell: announcement of a new official chapter in 2022?

According to a recent rumor, Ubisoft is planning to announce a new chapter of Splinter Cell in the year 2022. What will be the future of the series?

The famous Splinter Cell saga, the brainchild of Tom Clancy, seemed to have ended in 2013, the year of the release of Splinter Cell Blacklist. Since then, the series, the first chapter of which dates back to 2002, has no longer received any support from Ubisoft. Even after the many prayers of fans for some sort of announcement during the different showcases, Ubisoft has always put off. Surprisingly today, a rumor according to which the company Canadian would be preparing theannouncement of a new one Splinter Cell during 2022.

Ubisoft ready to announce a new Splinter Cell in 2022

The rumor comes from a report by Tom Henderson to the VGC header. Henderson says the title would currently be in the preliminary stages development and that there might be a good chance it will come announced during next year. However, it is not yet what it will be studio of development to take care of the project. The only thing that is currently known is that it will be an outside studio Montréal. According to the report, Ubisoft would like to buy back the confidence of fans who have not particularly liked the chapter for mobile and spin offs VR.

Splinter Cell: announcement of a new official chapter in 2022?

Ubisoft would therefore be setting the stage for a new official chapter of Splinter Cell with an announcement in the 2022. However, the Canadian company did not want to to comment. The prospect seems however favorable for a return of the famous game saga stealth, given that in 2022 the twentieth anniversary. As mentioned, the series was discontinued afterwards Blacklist, and there is no more news. We will see if, but above all come Ubisoft will succeed renew the formula stealth. Whatever happens, take this information with the pliers since it’s not about communicated officers.

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