Splinter Cell Remake is official: here’s everything we know

Splinter Cell Remake è ufficiale: ecco tutto quello che sappiamo sul progetto thumbnail

Ubisoft finally broke the silence on the saga of Splinter Cell, announcing the remake of the first chapter of the saga. According to the information shared by the company for now, the project is entrusted to the study of Toronto, which is availing itself of the collaboration of other companies within the company. So let’s take a look at everything we know and try to make some predictions as well.

Splinter Cell Remake is official

The announcement of a remake of Splinter Cell it did not surprise us particularly: in the last few days gods had emerged leak according to which at Ubisoft something was boiling in the pot, and indeed it was. In particular, the French studio has renewed the license of the title a few days ago, leaving little doubt about its intentions.

In the trailer that was released as an accompaniment to the official announcement it is mentioned that it is a project that has just received the publisher’s ok, which is why it is very likely that it is a video game still in the early stages of development. It follows, therefore, that it may take a long time before we receive further news on this remake.

Although Ubisoft has taken care to specify that this is a remake and not a simple remaster, the software house has also specified that the title will have the same structure as the original, so with a linear gameplay progression and a focus on single player storytelling. This means that we will not see substantial changes to the Splinter Cell experience, as many initially hoped.

Ubisoft therefore seems to focus everything on the technical sector, in particular on graphics, which the studio defined as next-generation, complete with dynamic shadows to give new life to the stealth mechanics the series is known for. We are therefore faced with an operation similar to that made by Bluepoint with the remake of Demon’s Souls, aimed only at restoring this historical game.

The future of the series

For the uninitiated, the first Splinter Cell came out in 2002 as an exclusive Xbox and had an excellent response from audiences and critics, being defined as one of the best stealth video games of that period. It is no coincidence that from that first title a series was born consisting of six main chapters which revolve around various spin offs and even themed novels.

While Sam Fischer, the protagonist of the saga, has not received a new game for several years now, has however made an appearance as an extra in several other titles and recently Netflix confirmed that he will be the protagonist of a TV series.

That said, the French software house has not yet revealed or denied anything about the existence of a new chapter in the series, which probably isn’t in the works yet, at least right now. Of course Ubisoft on the occasion of the reveal of the remake specified that it is an operation aimed at building a base for the future, so the hopes of fans are high in this regard.

In the meantime, however, the idea of remake is to make historical fans feel nostalgic by proposing the same formula of the past in which players will have to “observe situations, make their plans, use their gadgets and creatively overcome enemies in intelligence to complete the challenges that arise in front of they”.