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Splitgate is the new trend of the moment

A few weeks ago it Splitgate first person shooter has entered the stage of open beta. The game, however, attracted so much public attention that it forced the developer to postponing the launch of the full game. The Splitgate servers were in fact completely clogged and many players have revealed they are queued for more than an hour just to try the beta of the game.

Hours in line to play Splitgate

Splitgate is a free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter, developed and published by 1047 Games. According to the developer, the full version of the title is expected to come out at end of August 2021. In reality, the release was scheduled for July 27, 2021 but 1047 Games was forced to postpone it due to clogged servers.

Why is the public willing to wait so much to try the beta?

Very simple: the game revolves around a sci-fi combat strongly inspired by Halo. Players fight in battle arenas where they can create wormhole portals between two points on the map and shoot, travel and explore. These portals have also been compared to those in the series Portal.

The atmosphere that evokes the title is very reminiscent of that of old shooters and the fights are dynamic, aggressive e funny. Players begin their adventure with a simple assault rifle: the rest of the weapons can be retrieved from the area – if they can to survive.

According to SteamDB, the beta of the title has gone from 400 simultaneous players to more than 60,000 players in a few weeks, allowing Splitgate to conquer the top 20 on Steam. At the moment we don’t have a precise release date but we know that the title will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

For more information on the title you can consult the official website. If you are instead curious e willing to do more than an hour in a row to try the Splitgate beta, you can consult the official Steam page.

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