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Nacon releases the new RiMS Racing gameplay video

Nacon e RaceWard Studio have released the new gameplay video of the new two-wheel racing title RiMS Racing. The motorcycle video game will arrive in August on a variety of platforms, and aims to offer an extremely simulation experience to players.

It will hit the shelves on August 19th, landing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title will then be cross-gen, that is, it will be available both on the new generation consoles and on those with already a few years behind. The new video posted on YouTube shows the famous Million Dollar Highway, with a breathtaking landscape with tight curves and heart-pounding climbs.

The gameplay video of RiMS Racing, the title of Nacon and RaceWard Studio

In addition to the spectacular gameplay video, the developers also provided the third episode of the making documentary series. The last installment focuses on all the details added to the title and explains how important the collaboration with Pirelli e Brembo to create a truly accurate simulation.

In RiMS Racing players will be able to use 8 bikes and over 500 spare parts from real brands. In this way you will have the possibility to customize the racing cars and their performances in detail, choosing for example the original Diablo Rosso IV by Pirelli. The latter component has never appeared in a video game before.

The wait before the release is now really short: less than 10 days and players who are passionate about racing on two wheels will be able to get their hands on RiMS Racing, which promises to experience unprecedented sensations while driving thanks to all the simulative devices.

Furthermore, as Italians, it can only be pleasing to see how much attention has been given to Pirelli and Brembo accessories, companies that represent Italian excellence in the world as regards the automotive components sector.

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