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Spot, the robot who dances like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones: The video

The robot Spot loves rock’n’roll and, to the tune of the Rolling Stones, engages in the iconic movements of Mick Jagger.

Spot: the robot that dances like the Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger’s movements will never be talked about enough. So famous that in 2011 even the Maroon 5 dedicated the hit Moves like Jagger to him. But this time the tribute does not come from a being in flesh and blood, but from a robot. It is about Spot, famous for various advertising campaigns, such as the one with BTS for Hyundai.

Spot thus engages in the famous chicken dance, made famous by the frontman of the Rolling Stones. And it does so on a hit by the English band, in particular Start me Up, which for the occasion becomes Spot me Up. The video, which is making the rounds of the web, sees Spot dancing right together with Jagger, and at times it even steals the show!

This featuring, however, is not an isolated case. Boston Dynamics, owner of the robot and part of the Hyundai Group, exploits her creation in this way: with a series of funny videos that show all the potential of the droid. In everyday applications, Spot was born as an industrial support, for the safety of factories. A use that is far from far from us, given that the robot is already regularly used in Kia factories in South Korea.

The robot is indeed able to guarantee the safety of establishments, detecting potential hazards such as fires. Furthermore, Spot is not an only child, but has an older brother: Atlas. However, the latter seems more interested in parkour than in music.

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