Apex Legends: Ash, the new legend, is shown in an adrenaline-pumping trailer

Ash, the new Legend of Apex Legends, shows off his skills in the trailer that EA has released in the last few hours

A brand new one was released by EA trailer game for the last Legend from Apex Legends, Ash. The cinematic shows in action and in detail the new skills and background of the character. Specifically, we are shown all three of Ash’s skills in action against the enemy champions, proving that the new entry to the game is as fast as Octane and Loba with his utilities and his style of play. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Apex Legends: here is the story that lies in the past of Ash, the new Legend of the game

The tactical skill of the new Legend from Apex Legends, or Ash, is called Arc Snare. The latter allows her to throw a spinning trap that damages and binds the first enemy that gets too close. The trailer also mentions that this specific ability is “inspired by his old Titan”.

Ash’s passive ability is Marked For Death, which allows the Legend to show the location of recent deathboxes on his map, which then marks the surviving attackers for tracking. Phase Breach it is Ash’s latest ability; allows her to open a one-way portal to a targeted location, similar to Wraith’s ultimate ability. The gameplay video also shows the animation of Ash’s finishing move, the latter using a sword similar to a katana as his favorite weapon.

Respawn also shared more details about Ash, including his backstory. According to the character’s biography, Ash, also known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid, it is still “very” human despite its cybernetic aspect. Following the events after his death, his brain was placed in a simulacrum shell. However, the Legend lost her memories in the process, causing her personality to “fracture”.

“Ash is the embodiment of Dr. Reid’s cold, perfectionist, power-hungry side,” reads his bio. “But behind that confident facade, something sinister is simmering. After an encounter with Horizon overriding Ash’s simulacrum programming, the structure that kept Leigh’s vulnerable but intelligent personality dormant began to crack. Ash joins the Games to prove he has surpassed all of humanity. Leigh is determined to prove her wrong ”.

We remind you that Ash will join Apex Legends on November 2 with Season 11, which will introduce a new map called Storm Pointas well as a new SMG weapon.

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